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We have seen our brand store visits increase by 2 times and sales increase by 6 times in a short span of 2 months during the holiday season.
Yu Xian Tan I Manager I EpitexBrand Owner on Amazon Singapore
Epitex - Brand Owner Success Story on Amazon Singapore
When it comes to creating the ultimate sleep sanctuary, few things are more important than bed linen. In Singapore, where the weather can be hot and humid year-round, choosing the right bed linen can mean the difference between a restless night and a peaceful slumber.

Yet, close to 3 decades ago, the options for comfortable, high-quality bed linens were limited. This gave rise to the inspiration that would later become known as Epitex.

Founded by Judy Zhang in 1997, this home-grown bed linen brand was built on a passion for innovation and the quest for adventure. Since their establishment, Epitex has constantly explored new dimensions of comfort to suit every sleeper and daydreamer. Their focus on quality, comfort and innovation led them to become one of the leading brands of bed linens locally.

When the pandemic hit, Epitex saw a need to grow their business via e-commerce. They sought to increase their reach and customer base through this channel and decided to scale on Amazon Singapore, where they could gain access to the large customer base.

Since selling on Amazon Singapore, Epitex has seen an increase in impressions, clicks and sales, especially during major shopping events and festive seasons. Here, we speak to Yu Xian, Marketing Manager at Epitex, about their journey as a seller on Amazon Singapore and how they leveraged Amazon Singapore’s major sales events to scale their business online.

Tell us a little bit about Epitex. How did Epitex come about?

When Judy Zhang came to Singapore in 1995 to study, she saw that there were limited options for bed linens in Singapore. That spurred her to develop her own bed linen brand.

Within 2 years, she founded Epitex to provide bed linen products to the local market. Since then, it has become one of the most successful small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, with over 1 million customers locally.

We understand that Epitex had 21 retail stores located islandwide, and the business was rapidly growing until the pandemic hit. Can you tell us what that was like?

It was a nerve-racking experience, to be honest. We had been selling our products through our 21 retail stores located islandwide, but had to close our stores during the Circuit Breaker during COVID-19.

During the pandemic, our stores saw little to no footfall and our revenues plummeted as a result. We had been planning our move to e-commerce for a while, but it was during Singapore’s lockdown measures that we accelerated our efforts. The pandemic was truly a wake-up call for us.

So how did Epitex use e-commerce to overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic?

Amazon is a very established brand name. It has over 200 million Prime members and more than 300 million active shoppers worldwide. This helps to potentially expose Epitex to thousands of customers in Singapore and beyond.

With Amazon, we can leverage shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) to accelerate our sales throughout the year.

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Tell us about your journey on Amazon.sg and how you navigated building up your presence and product. How did the Amazon team support you?

We ramped up our new e-commerce strategy within 6 months were able to revamp our website to become more attractive, informative and user-friendly. Our growth journey has been remarkable since.

Our Amazon Singapore account manager was incredibly helpful in getting our online selling strategy up and running quickly. They shared tips and tricks related to increasing the visibility of our products, such as getting the full catalog online and running marketing campaigns.

Along the way, with the support of our account manager, we managed to smoothen operations by adopting Amazon Easy Ship (AES). It has helped us streamline our logistics, ensuring a positive customer experience during product delivery.
In October 2022, we received 200% more impressions than the previous month and we’re truly thankful to Amazon.sg for helping us achieve these early results.”

Did you know?

Amazon Easy Ship (AES) is one of three fulfillment options you can leverage when setting up your store on Amazon Singapore. It is an end-to-end shipping service for sellers with an eligible address in Singapore to help them fulfill their orders for products that are not registered with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

AES includes pickup and trackable delivery from the seller’s location to the buyer’s location, for a fee.

How has Epitex geared up for peak shopping periods and major events like Prime Day and BFCM? How did Amazon ads help?

We’ve always worked very closely with our Amazon account manager – they have helped us with campaign deals, exposure and participation during the lead-up to key peak shopping periods.

In 2022, we wanted to get a head start on the festive season in Q4. To do so, we worked with our account managers to leverage Amazon’s full suite of ad products from Sponsored Products to Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.

In fact, Epitex was one of the first advertisers to test Sponsored Display when we launched in October 2022. It allowed us to speak to a larger customer base that wasn’t necessarily searching for us on Amazon.sg and also helped us prepare for the peak shopping season across multiple sales events like 11.11, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) and Christmas.

With the support of our Amazon account manager, we also set up our Brand Store to allow customers to navigate and discover products, as well as make purchases seamlessly. This ensured that we were ready for year-end seasonality, and we’re very thankful to the Amazon ads team for their assistance as we saw great results from it.

Did you know?

Amazon Singapore offers a full suite of Ad products for you to choose from. This includes:

1. Sponsored Products: This refers to cost-per-click (CPC) ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages. They promote individual product listings on Amazon so customers can find your products easily.

2. Sponsored Brands: Customers can discover your brand and products through creative ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results.

3. Sponsored Display: Reach relevant audiences throughout their shopping and entertainment journeys with self-service display ads that can be created in just a few clicks.

What were some of the early results that Epitex saw over the past 6 months, and after the Q4 2022 shopping period?

We saw notable results quite fast - our investment in Amazon ads, specifically Sponsored Display, helped us amplify our listings by delivering a 60% increase in overall impressions month on month. We saw a 30 times increase in first-time-customers since we started investing in this new ad format.

Introducing Sponsored Display into the mix of ad offerings also allowed us to increase our high intent clicks by 7-fold, showing that the full suite of Amazon ads products truly does yield the best results.

Sales-wise, we have seen our brand store visitor traffic grow 2-fold, and sales increase by 6 times in a span of 2 months during the Q4 holiday season.”

From your success on Amazon.sg, do you have any tips and tricks for aspiring sellers coming onboard Amazon.sg, especially as they get ready for major sales events like Prime Day and BFCM?

Amazon has a very established brand name. It also sees large traffic volumes, especially during major sales events like Prime Day and BFCM, both locally and internationally. More importantly, Amazon Prime members are shopping online to enjoy discounts and deals during Prime Day.

To fully leverage this, start your registration early as it can take 2 to 3 weeks to get fully registered. Next, choose your fulfillment method that works best. Amazon offers flexibility between Amaozn EasyShip (AES), Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Self ship so you can choose what best suits your business needs.

Get your listings underway to ensure they get full visibility during major shopping and deal events. To make the most of events like Prime Day and BFCM, participate in as many campaigns as you can, submit deals on time, and work with your account manager to secure vouchers and promotions like BXGY. This will help you maximize your exposure for the best possible sales from the event.

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