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Enjoy Amazon Easy Ship now to enjoy negotiated shipping rates and a streamlined shipping setup experience.
New sellers with an eligible address in Singapore will be automatically enrolled in Amazon Easy Ship.
Sellers may choose to opt-out and opt back to Amazon Easy Ship any time.

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What is Amazon Easy Ship?

Amazon Easy Ship is an end-to-end shipping service for sellers with an eligible address in Singapore to help them fulfill their orders for products that are not registered with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

It includes pickup and trackable delivery from the seller’s location to the buyer’s location, for a fee.

Benefits of Amazon Easy Ship

Sell globally with a few clicks
Shipping complexity managed by Amazon
Sellers no longer need to negotiate carrier rates, configure shipping templates or upload tracking information and can activate Amazon Easy Ship within a few clicks on Seller Central.
Sell globally with a few clicks
Flat country-wide rate card
Sellers can enjoy a flat rate card to ship to eligible postcodes depending on the size and weight of their consignments.
Sell globally with a few clicks
Predictable cost planning
Sellers will enjoy a predictable fulfillment cost structure using the Amazon Easy Ship rate card, which can help provide more accurate operational planning.
Sell globally with a few clicks
Fast and reliable delivery
Customers in eligible postcodes will get a fast and consistent delivery experience of 2 to 3 days based on sellers’ handling time.
Sell globally with a few clicks
Order tracking visibility
100% Valid Tracking Rate (VTR)* for Amazon Easy Ship orders (along with customer notifications) which can help reduce customer-to-seller interactions, as customers will get visibility on their orders.
Sell globally with a few clicks
Flexibility in fulfilment methods
New sellers with an eligible address in Singapore will be automatically enrolled for Amazon Easy Ship. Enjoy the flexibility to return to Self Ship with a few clicks*.
*All AES orders are captured within Amazon's system and can be tracked on the order details page in Seller Central, ensuring 100% VTR.

How does Amazon Easy Ship work?

Through our world class fulfillment network delivering to over 99% of Singapore’s postal codes, we aim to deliver your products to the customer quickly and reliably and your customers can also track their orders from their buyer account. Happy customers could lead to positive customer reviews and repeat orders.

When customers order from you on, you get a notification of the order via email, Seller Central, and SMS. You can then schedule the pickup and pack the product according to Amazon guidelines and have it ready for pick-up.

The following sets out a simple explanation of the flow chart below:
Customers order products from → Sellers schedule a pick-up for the order → Amazon-appointed carrier picks the products from the seller's location and delivers it to the buyer. → 24/7 Seller Support.

To know more on how to get started with Amazon Easy Ship please refer to this video or this guide.

Amazon Easy Ship fees

The Amazon Easy Ship fee is a flat fee per consignment, based on the weight and size of the consignment. A consignment is the package that you send out per Amazon Easy Ship order. For example, if you receive an order for two hats to be shipped to one customer, the consignment is the single package that you prepare containing the two hats.

The Amazon Easy Ship fee is calculated based on the greater of the consignment’s volumetric weight or actual weight.

Note: Volumetric weight (g) is calculated as (Length * Breadth * Height in cm)/5.

We recommend that you use the following table to determine the fee which will apply according to the consignment’s weight (including packaging):
Weight (higher of volumetric weight or actual weight)
Amazon Easy Ship Fee (effective 1 Jan, 2024) (SGD per package, w/ GST)
0g – 5,000g
5,001g – 10,000g
10,001g – 20,000g
20,001g – 30,000g
Refer to the Amazon Easyship fee help page to get a detailed breakdown of the fees.


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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Amazon Easy Ship. More FAQ are available here.
Where can sellers find Amazon Seller Support?
1. Click on the Question mark, on the top right hand of your account page.
2. Scroll to the end and click on “Contact Us”.
3. Navigate to “Other Issues” and type contact reason as AES to begin your inquiry.
Can sellers register for Amazon Easy Ship from any account?
No. Only the primary account holder has permission to sign up for the Amazon Easy Ship service and change the Amazon Easy Ship settings.

The following error message will pop out if this is not done:
Error: You cannot register to Amazon Easy Ship because this account is not the primary account holder. Only the primary account holder can grant permission to use this feature. To gain access, contact the primary account holder. The primary account holder is the person who initially registered with Amazon.
Can sellers have both FBA and Easy Ship orders?
Yes. Opting for Easy Ship does not affect your ability to register your products in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Once a seller registers for Amazon Easy Ship, all its eligible Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) orders will be shipped using Amazon Easy Ship.
Once sellers are registered under Amazon Easy Ship, can they use self-ship for certain orders?
Yes, self-ship will be automatically applied for certain listings that are not eligible for Amazon Easy Ship such as heavy/bulky items and certain prohibited dangerous goods. Nevertheless, sellers will not be able to choose self-delivery for Amazon Easy Ship eligible listings.

Orders that are not eligible for Easy Ship will not have the “Schedule Pickup” option. This means sellers will need to self-ship any orders that are not eligible for the Amazon Easy Ship service. All remaining orders will be shipped using Amazon Easy Ship.
If the Amazon seller has orders from other online stores and such online stores also use the same carrier, can the Amazon seller pass all its orders (both Amazon orders and other online stores' orders) to the carrier?
This is not recommended. To avoid confusion, sellers should not pass other online stores’ orders to the carrier who’s there to collect Amazon’s orders at the scheduled pick-up time.

However, if the carrier has both tracking IDs for sellers’ orders from Amazon and other online stores, sellers can pass all their relevant orders to the carrier
Are sellers allowed to self-ship Amazon Easy Ship eligible ASINS?
No. Once sellers register with Amazon Easy Ship, sellers must utilize Amazon Easy Ship to fulfill the orders. There will be no option for sellers to self-ship unless the ASINs are not eligible for Amazon Easy Ship.

Please take note that sellers should never self-ship an Amazon Easy Ship eligible order as Seller Central will not capture the seller’s shipment confirmation.

This means the order will not be recognized as shipped and thus will be canceled after 7 days, with a refund being made to the buyers i.e. sellers will not receive all the sales proceeds for the shipped order.

If there are any issues with scheduling pick-ups for Amazon Easy Ship eligible ASINs, please contact Seller Support immediately.
For orders that come in on weekends, when can pickup be arranged?
Scenario 1 – Order comes in on Sunday
  • Sellers set a 1-day handling time: Sellers are advised to check on Monday morning and schedule a pickup on Monday as the order needs to be shipped by Monday.
  • Sellers set a 2-day handling time: Sellers can choose to set the pick up on Tuesday as well.
  • Note: The cut-off time to schedule pick-ups is 2 hours before the slots.

    Scenario 2 – Order comes in on Friday night
    Amazon considers Saturday an operating day.
  • Sellers set a 1-day handling time: Sellers need to arrange a pickup on Saturday.
  • Sellers set a 2-day handling time: Sellers can arrange a pickup on Monday.
  • Note: If sellers do not work on the weekends, it is advisable to set a 2-day handling time.
    For rejected and undeliverable customer orders, what happens to the consignments?
    The carrier will attempt to deliver the consignment 3 times to the customer. However, if all delivery attempts fail, the consignment will be returned to the seller. A shipping fee will still be charged.

    If the consignment is either lost or damaged, sellers can raise a ticket through Seller Support
    to ask for a refund/reimbursement. Read here for more details on the reimbursement policy.
    How can Amazon Easy Ship sellers manage their fulfilment methods?
    Sellers may opt-out from Amazon Easy Ship by accessing the Amazon Easy Ship Settings page on Seller Central, for detailed guide, refer to the FAQ.
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