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    Ready, Set, Sell in 5 Simple Steps

    Create seller account
    Step 1.
    Register to sell
    Create an Amazon Singapore seller account on Seller Central using the Registration Guide.
    List products for sell
    Step 2.
    List products for sale
    Once your account is set up, start listing your products for sale.
    Fulfill product orders
    Step 3.
    Fulfill product orders
    There are 3 ways that you can ship your products to customers - Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Easy Ship (AES) and Self-ship. Learn More.
    Get paid and monitor performance
    Step 4.
    Optimise your performance
    Sell and monitor
    performance in
    Seller Central.
    Get paid and monitor performance
    Step 5.
    Participate in
    Amazon Singapore's major sales

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