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During Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022, we saw our sales jump by 8 times.
Adrian Goh I Sales Manager I SnailaxExclusive Distributor on Amazon Singapore
Massage devices have become increasingly popular in Singapore. With the fast-paced and stressful lifestyle that many Singaporeans lead, these devices provide a convenient and accessible way to relax and ease muscle tension. While there is a wide range of options available on the market, finding a high-quality device that won’t break the bank isn’t easy. This is where Snailax comes in.

With the vision to offer superior healthcare devices at affordable prices, Snailax invests extensively in research and development to provide comfortable, customisable massage knobs suitable for all.

To leverage the growing demand for such massagers amidst the pandemic, Snailax decided to venture into the world of e-commerce through Since selling on, Snailax has seen a growth in the number of first-time customers, impressions and sales.

To find out more about their journey as a seller on and their experience with Amazon ads, we sat down for a chat with Adrian Goh, Sales Manager at Snailax.

Tell us about Snailax. How did Snailax come about and what was the business idea?

At Snailax, we aim to provide consumers with high-quality massagers that could ease bodily aches and pains. At the same time, we want to offer these products at affordable price points and cater to individuals regardless of their stage of life.

Thus, our products are suitable for a wide range of users including students, to work-from-home staff, to the elderly, gamers and caregivers.

What made you decide to sell on Amazon Singapore?

In April 2020, during the circuit breaker in Singapore, we saw an increasing demand for wellness treatments with more people facing aches and pains working from home. Despite not having any prior online selling experience, Amazon Singapore was one of the first online stores we ventured into.

We knew that Amazon Singapore had a strong brand presence, with thousands of customers shopping online, especially during Prime Day and Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), we wanted to be present during these times.

"We knew that we had the potential to scale globally through Amazon Singapore so starting our store on was a no-brainer for us."

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What was your journey on like and how did you build up your presence and product? How did the Amazon team support you?

Since we started selling on, our account manager has been true partners in helping us scale our operations. For example, they have helped with our product listings, inventories and fulfillment recommendations.

Moreover, since we set up our store, we’ve always leveraged Amazon’s major sales events like Prime Day and BFCM. During these sales events, we work closely with our account manager on inventory and campaign preparations.

We also used Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to streamline our fulfillment. With FBA, all we need to do is send our products to Amazon's Fulfillment Centre, and Amazon helps with the picking, packing, and shipping of the order. Amazon also provides customer service and process any returns so we have time to focus on growing our sales, especially during major sales events.

Did you know? offers three different fulfillment methods so you can find one that best suits your business needs.

1. Amazon Easy Ship (AES): When you opt for AES, you can manage the storage and packing of products internally, and leave the delivery of products to our Amazon team.

2. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): Leave all aspects of the fulfillment process to us, including storage, picking, packing and shipping, and focus more on growing your business.

3. Self-ship: With self-shipping, you can enjoy greater control over the entire order fulfillment process from storage to delivery.

Can you tell us about how you work with the Amazon ads team to prepare for sales events like Prime Day and BFCM? And what were some of the early successes you saw?

We amplified our always-on approach by investing in Amazon ads, specifically Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display. We saw a 90 times return on ad investment during Amazon’s major sales events like Prime Day and BFCM, and saw consistent performance during off-peak seasonal campaigns.

Adding Sponsored Display into our ad product mix helped us build awareness and consideration with our customers. Interestingly, we saw an 81% jump in impressions month-on-month and a 30% increase in first-time shoppers, which was the highlight for us.
"Last year during the BFCM sales period, we saw our daily sales jump by 8 times. Additionally, over November and December 2022, we experimented with Sponsored Display and saw an increase in sales by 91%."

Did you know?

Amazon Singapore offers a full suite of Ad products for you to choose from. This includes:

1. Sponsored Products: This refers to cost-per-click (CPC) ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages. They promote individual product listings on Amazon so customers can find your products easily.

2. Sponsored Brands: Customers can discover your brand and products through creative ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results.

3. Sponsored Display: Reach relevant audiences throughout their shopping and entertainment journeys with self-service display ads that can be created in just a few clicks.

With your experiences on, what tips and tricks for aspiring sellers?

The best advice for new sellers to gear up for Amazon’s major sales events is to start preparations early. Make sure you work closely with your account manager to submit deals on time.

You’ll also want to work with your account manager to ensure that you’re offering competitive prices and have enough stock to participate in shopping events like Prime Day and BFCM – these events typically see huge surges in traffic volumes.

Secondly, has many great features on Seller Central for sellers like us. You can leverage those resources to help you with your campaign preparation.

For Snailax, we utilise Seller Central features like "Manage Orders" and "Business and Inventory Reports" to help monitor our stocks and optimise our sales during peak sales events. We also view statistics on hot new releases, most-wished items and gifted items to identify upcoming trends. This will help you gear up for peak periods when lots of customers are shopping on

Finally, if you have a business idea and the ambition to grow it, setting up your e-commerce store on can help you achieve the reach needed to potentially grow and scale your business.

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