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Prime Day was a success because we heavily invested in Amazon ads and saw a 40% jump in sales.
Niraj Agarwal I Co-founder I Bizgram Authorised reseller on Amazon Singapore
Bizgram -  Prime Day Success Story on Amazon Singapore
Singapore is a bustling hub of technology and innovation, making it no surprise that the electronics scene in this Southeast Asian city-state is one of the most exciting and dynamic in the world. The demand for such products and their accompanying accessories, coupled with Niraj and Anuj’s passion for the industry, resulted in Bizgram.

As an electronics reseller, Bizgram offers a wide range of electronics products including branded desktops, laptops, printers and monitors. Though such businesses are a dime a dozen in Singapore, Bizgram’s reliability and commitment to providing superior customer value and service have helped set them apart from competitors.

In 2021, in light of the pandemic, Bizgram launched their store on Amazon.sg in hopes of expanding their reach locally. During Prime Day 2022, the business saw a 40% increase in sales. We speak to Niraj, co-founder of Bizgram, about his experience starting a brand of his own and his journey as a seller on Amazon Singapore.

How did Bizgram come about? What was the business gap in the industry or the business problem you were trying to solve in this competitive landscape here in Singapore?

My brother, Anuj, and I are both passionate about the electronics and accessories. We knew that although it was competitive, Singapore’s robust consumer landscape was the best home ground to scale our passion and that’s how Bizgram came about.

We started Bizgram as a family-run business in Sim Lim Square in 2003 and it has been 20 years since.

What made you decide to utilize Amazon.sg as a channel for your e-commerce strategy?

During the pandemic, our business was affected and we knew we had to expand Bizgram’s online strategy and customer base to recover our sales.

We were aware that Amazon Singapore had a strong brand presence, with thousands of customers who were shopping online. In order to expand our reach in Singapore, we decided to set up our store on Amazon.sg in 2021.

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How has your journey on Amazon.sg been? How did you build up your presence and product? How did the Amazon team support you on this journey?

Since we started selling on Amazon.sg, our account managers have been true partners in helping us scale our operations. For example, they have helped with product listings, inventories and storage. Moreover, since we set up our store, we’ve always leveraged Amazon’s major sales events like Prime Day and Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM).

We also use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to streamline our fulfillment. With FBA, all we need to do is send our products to Amazon's Fulfillment Center, and Amazon helps with the picking, packing, and shipping of the orders. Amazon also provides customer service and process any returns, so we have time to focus on growing our sales, especially during major sales events.

Did you know?

Amazon.sg offers three different fulfillment methods so you can find one that best suits your business needs.

1. Amazon Easy Ship (AES): When you opt for AES, you can manage the storage and packing of products internally, and leave the delivery of products to our Amazon team.

2. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): Leave all aspects of the fulfillment process to us, including storage, picking, packing and shipping, and focus more on growing your business.

3. Self-ship: With self-shipping, you can enjoy greater control over the entire order fulfillment process from storage to delivery.

Prime Day 2022 was very successful for Bizgram. Can you talk about what the lead-up to Prime Day was like? How did the Bizgram and Amazon team work together to prepare for Tier 1 shopping events like Prime Day?

Being on Amazon.sg allows us to participate in major sales and shopping events like Prime Day and BFCM. Thousands of Singaporean shoppers are shopping on Amazon.sg, and we want to be present during these times.

Last year, our account manager encouraged us to start our preparations for Prime Day early.

At the same time, we leveraged FBA for our top-selling items. This allowed us to outsource order fulfillment to Amazon, so we had time to focus on growing our sales. Overall, we saw a positive customer experience from our sales during Prime Day, thanks to Amazon Singapore.
We ramped up our approach with Amazon ads, in particular Sponsored Products. We set out by bidding for relevant keywords and even showcasing our products on product detail pages so we were top of mind for our customers. This enabled us to find customers who were shopping in the electronics category and helped to ensure we had consistent orders and sales during Prime Day when lots of customers are shopping on Amazon.sg."

Get started with Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that are created from your product listings. Equipped with automatic targeting, these ads are easy to set up, even for those without relevant experience in advertising.

What were some of the early results that Bizgram saw from Prime Day 2022?

Prime Day 2022 was a success for us – we invested heavily with Amazon ads and saw a 40% jump in sales.

Doubling down on our efforts with Sponsored Products was critical, especially when search volumes were surging through our category. This surge in search volumes coupled with a robust Amazon ads strategy helped us drive higher glance views on our product detail pages, and this led to a spike in our number of orders and sales during Prime Day.

For our Sponsored Products strategy, we ensured that we had a healthy keyword coverage for all our key categories, brands and products along with an aggressive bidding strategy to win top of search placements. This resulted in a 300 times return on our ad investments.

Since then, we’ve realized the importance of keeping an always-on Amazon ads strategy. This has helped to boost our sales and presence on Amazon.sg, especially during major sales and shopping events like Prime Day and BFCM.

During Prime Day 2022, our team grew by 3 times just to be able to keep up with our online orders so it was a very fulfilling period for us.

Based on your experiences and successes on Amazon.sg, what tips and tricks do you have for aspiring sellers coming onboard? Can you share some advice, especially as they prepare for major shopping events like Prime Day?

If you have a business idea and the ambition to grow it, setting up your e-commerce store on Amazon.sg can help you achieve the reach needed to potentially grow and scale your business. Amazon has an Amazon Singapore Starter Pack which is loaded with benefits for sellers, so I recommend exploring the offers relevant to setting up your store.

Once you have created your store on Amazon, the next step would be to set up your product listings. Be prompt in processing orders, respond to customer queries fast, and don’t delay your shipments. This could help you with customer reviews and potentially increase sales in the long run.

Preparation in the lead-up to major sales and shopping events like Prime Day and BFCM is very important. Make sure you’re ready in time by participating in as many campaigns as you can, submitting deals on time, and working with your account manager to secure vouchers and promotions.

You may also want to leverage Amazon ads by allocating higher-than-usual advertising budget to your campaigns – you don’t want your advertising campaigns to run out of budget during high-traffic sales events when consumers are typically on a buying spree. You can work with the Amazon ads team to explore suitable keywords for your products to gain maximum visibility during this time.

During promotional periods, try freebies, and promote your brand on your own social media channels in addition to Amazon ads. This way, you’ll ensure that you get maximum brand visibility and sales during major sales and shopping events.

Let’s wrap up with Bizgram’s vision for the long term. Where does Bizgram ultimately want to get to with Amazon.sg?

We look forward to growing sales with Amazon.sg by 300% – 400%. We’re always striving to provide a better customer experience and increase our online presence, and are very thankful for the support of our Amazon.sg account manager who has been a part of our growth thus far.

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