Step-by-Step Registration Guide

Follow these steps and register to sell on, Singapore's most trusted shopping destinations*. Pay no subscription fees for a Profession Selling Plan through 31 Dec, 2025^.
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Account Registration

Start local first, and then expand into over 20 Amazon stores with ease with our Global Registration (GRex) with a Professional Selling Plan. Your registration process will take approximately 2 weeks to complete, including an online verification to validate your authenticity.

Follow these steps below, ensuring you have the following documents on hand before you start:

- Valid mobile number and email address
- Seller Identity Documents : Passport/National ID/Driver's License
- Bank/Credit Card Statement
- Business Registration No. (UEN/ACRA)

You can refer to FAQs below for further guidance or direct message the Sell on Amazon Singapore Facebook community to further assistance.

Create a New Account

1) To register as an Selling Partner on, go to and click on Sign Up. Alternatively, you can use our Amazon Seller Central registration link here and click Create your Amazon Selling Account.

2) You will get an OTP on your email and be redirected to the Welcome Page upon OTP verification.

Enter your Business Information

1) Once on the Welcome Page, select your Business Location (country of business registration) and Business Type from the dropdown menu.

2) Enter your Business' Name.

3) Click Agree and Continue after reading the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

4) Enter all required information abour your business.

5) Complete SMS Verification and click Next.

Tip! Please ensure your details are correct before you proceed as you cannot return to this page to make changes.

Enter your Seller Information

At Amazon, we are committed to building an authentic store for all customer and Selling Partners. Therefore, you will need to provide your personal details and identity documents for us to validate your authenticity as our Selling Partner.

1. Fill in your name and personal particulars.

2. Choose your preferred identity proof - Passport/Driver’s License/National ID.

3. Enter your Residential Address, ensuring it matches the address on your Passport/ID. If not, add a new address.

Tip! If you wish to use your National ID, but do not see it as an option, you may choose the Driver’s License option to enter your National ID details.

Tip! If your Driver’s License does not have an expiry date, you may input any future date as the expiry date.

Enter your Billing Information

At this stage you will need to provide your credit card information. Please make sure you use a valid credit card. Amazon only accepts AMEX, VISA and Mastercard. Please be assured that your credit card information will only be used for the following reasons:

1. Payment for monthly subscription fee on Amazon marketplaces (waived till 31 Dec 2024 for selling on Singapore marketplace only. Please note that registration fees may apply for selling across other stores.)

2. If you have negative balance in your account at the end of a settlement period.

Enter your Store and Product Information

Enter your Store Name and tell us about your products.

Tip! You can always change your store name any time after completing registration in your Account Settings.

Upload Identity Verification Documents

Now that you have input all required fields, Amazon will verfiy your identity with all information provided.

In order to get verified:

1. Upload the same identity document you provided in the Seller Information Page.

Tip! In order to avoid delays to your SIV process, do note the following:
- If you choose Passport, ensure you upload the signature page too
- If you choose National ID, ensure you upload both front and back of your document.

2. Upload your Personal or Company Bank/Credit Card Statement, ensuring the name on the statement matches Seller’s Name or Company Name provided during registration.

Acceptable files include: png, tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg and pdf format in <50MB.

Prepare for Identity Verification (IDV)

At this stage, Amazon will verify your identity to ensure authenticity of your uploaded documents. There are two methods you can choose from:

1. Instant Identity Verification via biometric verification using facial recognition

2. Scheduling a video call based on your availability. Once scheduled, you will need to log in to Amazon Seller Central on the scheduled date and click Join Video Call.

Next Steps

Once you have completed identity verification, Amazon’s Seller Identity Verification (SIV) team will review all of the information and documents within 2-3 business days. In some cases, we require some Selling Partners to further validate their address via an OPT (sent via postcard) in Amazon Seller Central.

Successful Application
You will be notified, and be able to log in to your Amazon Seller Central account. If you did not receive any email notifications, please log in 3 business days later to check if you can access the Home Page to start listing your products.

Unsuccessful Application

You will receive an email if your submitted documents were unsuccessful. Please review your documents against the requirements and resubmit your documents in Amazon Seller Central.


Refer to the FAQs below to understand the Selling Partner registation steps better.
My account is deactivated, what do I do?
In some cases, Amazon may suspend some accounts and request for more information at any time after registration completion, in order to maintain a authentic store for our customers and Selling Partners. If you believe there has been an error, you may refer to this Account Reactivation Guide to appeal and reactivate your account.
I am unable to resubmit my documents, what do I do?
If you have exceeded the maximum limit of 3 resubmission tries, or if you do not see an option to resubmit your documents in Amazon Seller Central, you can do the following:

1. Send your revised documents to our Selling Partner Support (SPS) via Get Support. The SPS team will raise your appeal request to an internal Review team who will review your documents again and respond to you via email.

2. If you cannot get adequate help, drop us a direct message on our Sell on Amazon Singapore Facebook Page with your email address used to register for Amazon Singapore selling account.
Can I create multiple selling accounts on Singapore store, or across different Amazon stores?
You may only maintain one Amazon Seller Central account for each region in which you sell unless you have a legitimate business need to open a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing. If you have a legitimate business need, provide below information via ‘Get Support’ to appeal:

1) Business justification for registering multiple accounts on Amazon stores.
2) Provide a list of Amazon accounts and email addresses currently registered.
My passport has no signature, can it be accepted?
No, it is not acceptable. All passports across the world have a signature section. For some countries it is on a different page (e.g. Singapore) – please check other pages in your passport for the bearer’s signature page.
I missed my identity verification video call, what should I do?
In case you missed your original appointment and did not attend, you will receive a prompt when you log in to Amazon Seller Central. Please reschedule for the new appointment to proceed with your identity verification.
How can I expand to other marketplaces?
Select your marketplace of interest from the drop down list located in your Amazon Seller Central Home Page. Then, select any marketplace with ‘pending registration’ to continue registering into new marketplaces. Then, select ‘Continue Registering’ and you can start listing in the new marketplace.

Remember not to choose ‘cancel registration’ if you wish to return to previous page as it would terminate your accounts. Instead, click “Pick a different merchant or marketplace” instead if you wish to return to previous page.
My documents were declined, what should I do?
Ensure documents criteria are met and resubmit your documents in Seller Central. For security reasons, we only accept documents uploaded to this page. It has been designed to help protect the information we need for verification.

If you are unable to resubmit, please appeal with your documents. You can do this by resubmitting your documents via ‘Get Support’. Our SPS team will raise your appeal request to an internal review team who will respond to you via email.
What are the accepted file formats for document submission?
Acceptable files include: png, tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg and pdf format in <50MB.
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