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Why expand to India?

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with over a billion people, over 620 million of them using the internet, and 74% of those users shopping online. Start selling today and expand your business to an attractive $70 billion market segment. And for a limited time, get started with no monthly subscription fee.
Reach millions of customers
India is one of the world's fastest-growing economies and will help you reach tens of millions of new customers from India.
Diversify your revenue stream
Boost your sales and revenue by taking advantage of India's holiday seasons and peak sales periods throughout the year
State-of-the-art Logistics with FBA
Deliver to 100% of India's servicable pincodes, through Easy Ship & Fulfillment by Amazon and and world-class customer service to simplify international selling
Amazon Prime
FBA products are eligible for unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery options with Amazon Prime.
No Monthly subscription fee
For a limited time, you can start selling in India without the monthly fee for a Professional seller account, only paying the associated fees for items sold in the store.
Sales & Logistics costs
Sales commissions vary by product category and standard logistics costs for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), with Opt-In Service Provider network available for a variety of services.
You don’t have to speak Hindi
Amazon offers many language support options for managing your sales, customer service, and translations. Your products may even already be listed on, which will allow you to launch even faster.

How to Expand

Start selling on Amazon India
Step 1
Decide what to sell
Decide the products you want to sell. Make sure that you comply with the local laws and product category requirements in India. Amazon Service Provider Network can support with required certifications, compliance, and international shipping.
Step 2
Register and List products
Amazon team will support you in getting your Seller Central account registered on Amazon India. Interested sellers can reach to Amazon India on email ( or fill up the Interest form below. Post registration, you can start fresh listing or cross listing your products from Amazon Singapore directly.
Step 3
Ship and fulfill
With FBA, you can store your products in Amazon India warehouses near the customers, with added Amazon Prime benefits & sale and ship them through an Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) with support for customs clearance and country-specific compliance requirements.
Step 4
Manage and Market your business
With complete control on your Seller Central account, you can build your own Brand Store with access to localized content and various Amazon marketing tools tools like Global Sales Summary, Brand Analytics, Sponsored Products and Deals to build your business in India and enjoy peak sales Festive seasons all round the year. Explore different tools available here
    Success Stories of International Sellers selling on Amazon India

    "Not only has our profit in India multiplied by 30 times over the last six months, but Amazon India also continues to serve as a bridge for our Korean and South Asian marketplaces."

    - Andrew Lee, Elago

    Amazon IN is an emerging arc. For H&B category, IN is a blue ocean market (FBA fulfillment fee is about 1/6 of the mature arc). IN market plays an important part for our global sales network and is a top choice for our differentiated competitive strategy."

    - Jimmy, Sunon

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about selling in India.
How can I start selling in India?
You can start selling in India through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model by partnering with Amazon's Service Provider Network. You can reach out to the Amazon team through email ( or click on the form link below to get started.
I heard that there are multiple modes for entering Amazon India? What kinds of seller qualifications are needed to enter?
Two entry modes have been opened in India: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfillment Network (MFN). If you choose FBA, you will need the qualifications of an Indian company with a local Indian holding more than 51% of the shares OR you can obtain Indian company qualifications by partnering with service providers OR setting up your own business in India. Alternatively, you can partner with Distributors as well to expand your business in India.
Do I need to partner with an Indian company to sell in India?
Yes, to sell with FBA Program, you would need to partner with a service provider in India. Amazon will connect you with a service provider to get you started. Alternatively, an Indian distributor can also be used to sell on
How is FBA different in India than other stores?
Indian regulations do not permit global entities to engage in direct B2C (business to customer) retail. Amazon assists brands by connecting them with an Indian third-party company to help with listing their selection in the FBA model. Outside of this model, international brands can launch on FBA by: (1) setting their own entity in line with the FDI norms, or (2) partnering with an Import service provider/distributor/Amazon in an outright purchase model.
I heard that the Singapore or another country Brand Registry can be used to protect goods in Amazon India?
Generally, if sellers want to apply for brand registration in India, they need to apply for trademark registration in India first (the application time is usually 9 months to one year). In order to protect the rights and interests of sellers who have created brands on other sites but have not registered their trademarks in India yet, we currently allow sellers to authorize the brand registration of other Amazon countries on Amazon India through the form of "role assignment".
The advantages of successful authorization are: 1. Brand protection, prevent and combat counterfeit goods; 2. Allow sellers to build graphic detail pages, along with Brand stores. If sellers want to protect the brands fundamentally, they would still need to apply for trademark registrations in India.
Which products need to undergo category review in India?
Sellers need to go through category review while creating a listing to complete the creation. For details, please follow the guidelines on the listing creation page to complete. Sellers are usually asked to provide purchase invoices, brand authorization and other information. For the specific procedures, sellers can reach out to their Amazon account manager or contact Seller Support for guidance on how to get approval for any restricted categories.
What are the charges/fees for selling on Amazon?
You will have to pay a referral fee and closing fee on each item sold on For all products, a percentage of the total sales price paid by the buyer (including item price, any shipping or gift-wrap charges charged by the seller) is deducted as a referral fee. Learn more about how much it costs to sell on Amazon.
What is the payment method of the India site ?
For sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon will pay in rupees and the third-party service provider will make the payments to the sellers. You would need to communicate with the third-party service provider (as part of Amazon Service provider network) about the procedures.
Who to reach out in India in case of any questions?
You can email the Amazon India team at for any questions/queries.

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