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Not sure what to sell on We bring you the season's top trends with curated products that Singaporean customers love. First let's take a look at some of the notable consumer trends in Singapore.
Smart Nation, Smarter Living
With many Singaporeans embracing work from home as the new norm, it has triggered new consumer trends. For example, the government's push to transform Singapore into a smart nation through increasing adoption of technologies has led consumers to become increasingly savvy on how they can better automate their homes and daily tasks. Revenue of the smart home industry is expected to grow from 141.9USD million from 2020 to 299.6USD million by 2025. This can be seen as some popular products on include Amazon Echo, robot vacuum cleaners and smart gardens.
Singaporeans Doubled Down on Keeping Healthy
With growing consumer awareness on the importance of health and fitness, personal care made up for the largest segment of the beauty and personal care industry in 2020 with 458USD million in revenue. By 2025 this figure is expected to grow to 520 million. Some popular products on includes massage equipment, supplements, fitness watches and diffusers.
Families Stuck At Home Turn To Games
With extended time working and studying at home more consumers have turned to board games for entertainment and to pass the time. Sales of game consoles and games in Singapore are estimated to have risen by 7.8% in 2019 to 439.5 million in 2020. This trend is only expected to grow to 467.2USD million in 2021. Some popular products include Nintendo switch, Playstation, Oculus, Lego and more.
Top Performers from Small Businesses during Prime Day 2021
During 2021 Prime Day which took place from June 21 to June 22, we saw 17000 small businesses participate on, of which 7000 joined us for their first ever Prime Day. The top performing categories from Prime Day include home, personal computers, electronics, health and personal care as well as kitchen products.
Now that you have an idea of what Singaporean consumers are on the lookout for, get inspired and find out the top trending products on
#1 Top Trending Product: Consumer Electronics
Aligning with the work from home trend, we see that the top trending products on comprises essential items to set up a home office and boost productivity. These include webcam, monitor printer and wireless charger under electronics category.
*Source Amazon SG
The top five subcategories in electronics are in-ear headphones with an average selling price of $96SGD, over ear headphones at slightly higher average selling price of $113SGD, cables and basic cases.
If you are looking to sell in the consumer electronics category this will give you insights into which sub-categories to focus on and a rough gauge on how much the average selling prices (ASP) for each of these subcategories on You can start manufacturing, sourcing and selling products online to make the most of this.
*Source Amazon SG
Similarly, the top five wireless products are cases, mobile phones, smart watches, activity trackers and screen protectors.
*Source Amazon SG
Lastly, in the sub category of personal computers, the top performing products include SSDs, monitors, processors, graphic tablets and laptops.
*Source Amazon SG
#1 Top Trending Product: Other hardlines
Other hardlines refer to categories such as home kitchen, spots and toys. The online demand of this category has grown exponentially in the past few years. Likewise we see that the top trending products are related to health and wellness products.
*Source Amazon SG
Diving deep into the subcategory for home, the top five items are scented oil diffusers, LED strips, pillow, desk lamp and candles.
*Source Amazon SG
With outdoor dining measures in place, people are investing more on home improvement as they are having friends and family over more often. Some popular subcategories under kitchen you can consider selling include replacement filters, food thermometers, food storage, water bottles and bakeware.
*Source Amazon SG
Toys aren’t just for kids anymore, adults are rediscovering the joy of playing. The top subcategories include board games, jigsaw puzzles, action figures, science kits and more.
*Source Amazon SG
Staying at home for prolonged periods can pose a challenge to remaining physically active. That’s why many are turning to sports related products that they can do in the comfort of their own homes. These include mats, stability balls and accessories, toning tubes, skipping ropes and heart rate monitors.
*Source Amazon SG
#1 Top Trending Product: Consumables
It is no surprise that personal hygiene and house cleaning products remain one of the key consumables during this pandemic as reflected in the top trending products such as toilet rolls, face masks, laundry detergent and facial cleansers.
*Source Amazon SG
Under the beauty subcategory, people are searching more for skin care and hair products over color cosmetics. The top training products are all focused on improving personal grooming with products such as serums, lotions, hair regrowth treatment products.
*Source Amazon SG
Similarly under health and personal care, we have trending categories like vitamins, hand sanitizers, herbal and protein supplements as people are finding it increasingly important to improve their personal wellness.
*Source Amazon SG
Lastly, baby products continue to remain a popular category on with many customers shopping for baby formula, baby monitors, milk bottles, thermometers and safety car seats.
*Source Amazon SG
As customer needs, desires, and habits continue to shift in the coming months, Amazon will strive to meet customers where they are with the products they need, when they need them. Do note that top selling products will change over time, to keep a pulse on what’s trending, visit Amazon’s Best Sellers list.
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