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What is the Amazon Seller Ambassadors Program?

The Amazon Seller Ambassador program recognizes a vibrant group of Amazon seller experts who actively engage with other sellers to share about their personal seller journey and best practices based on their experience. Seller Ambassadors go above and beyond to share knowledge in a variety of ways including meetups, social media, blog articles, workshops, conferences, and more. Get to know our Ambassadors below, and learn how you can connect with them!

Meet our Amazon Seller Ambassadors

Felix Law
Ambassador since 2020
Debbie Cai
Ambassador since 2020
Zhang RuiHong
Ambassador since 2020
Smriti Modi
Ambassador since 2021
Amir Biran
Ambassador since 2021
Philip Cheong
Ambassador since 2021
Joseph Zapanta
Ambassador since 2021
Ambassador since 2021
Wong Kia Chik
Ambassador since 2021

Upcoming Events and Activities!

*Seller Ambassadors are in no way spokespeople for Amazon. All interactions with the seller ambassadors will take place in an informal setting and sellers will be representing themselves through sharing their personal experience and tips.
Target Audience
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Keep an eye out for more information on our upcoming roundtables!
*Amazon does not endorse the opinions of or is formally affiliated with the third party speakers.​​​​​​​
Target Audience
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All Sellers
Brexit and VAT - What it means to us
Seller Ambassador, Debbie Cai shares about how Brexit and VAT and how it will impact her Amazon EU Stores.
All Sellers
Maximizing the probability of launching profitable products
Seller Ambassador, Felix Law shares about his best practices to launch profitable products on Amazon.
All Sellers
Selling on Amazon and Operations
Seller Ambassador, Zhang RuiHong shares his tips on managing the operations of his Amazon business.
All Sellers
Global Payment Platforms for Amazon Sellers & General Q&A
Seller Ambassador, Debbie Cai shares about the Global Payment Platforms available for Amazon Sellers.
All Sellers
Ads optimization
Looking to optimise your ad spend and conversion rate? Seller Ambassador, Zhang RuiHong shares his personal tips.
All Sellers
Product Costing
How do you manage your product costing on Amazon? Hear directly from Felix Law on his personal approach.
All Sellers
Understanding and interacting with the Amazon Customer
Understanding your customers is the first step towards a successful business. Learn how from Seller Ambassador Debbie Cai.
Potential Sellers
Why Amazon is a good place to start your ecommerce business
Seller Ambassador, Felix Law shares with you his thoughts on the potential of starting your ecommerce business on Amazon.
New Sellers
Resources for New Sellers
There are many resources for new sellers. In this session, Debbie Cai shares with you her personal go-to sources.
All Sellers
Identifying Low Competition Niches
How do you identify products with low competition to sell on Amazon? Felix Law shares his nuggets of wisdom.
All Sellers
Working with a team to sell on Amazon
Seller Ambassador Zhang RuiHong shares about his experience selling on Amazon with a team.
All Sellers
Returns & Refunds
Seller Ambassador Debbie Cai shares about her experience in handling returns and refund requests from customers and some pitfalls she has learned to avoid.
All Sellers
Listing Optimisation
Seller Ambassador Felix Law shares about his tips and things he looks out for to improve the quality of his listings.
All Sellers
Sourcing Online
Seller Ambassador, Zhang RuiHong shares his personal approach and tips to sourcing online
All Sellers
10 ways to improve your credibility on Amazon
Gaining customer trust is crucial for your Amazon business. Seller Ambassador, Smriti Modi shares with you some tips and tools to improve your credibility on Amazon.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Making my first sale on Amazon
In our first seller roundtable series, our seller ambassadors shared about their first sale on Amazon, tips and tools.
Potential Sellers
10 things to consider before starting your Amazon business
Seller Ambassador Debbie Cai walks you through 10 important considerations before you start your Amazon business.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Being a brand owner on Amazon
The Seller Ambassadors in Singapore share about the tips and tools about building a brand on Amazon.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Meet our Seller Ambassadors
Come meet our Seller Ambassadors in their first seller roundtable session.
All Sellers
Amazon FBA vs FBM: Which is Better for you?
Seller Ambassador Wong Kia Chik shares his experience on FBA and FBM.
All Sellers
Converting your K.A.S.H to Cash: A Guide to your Amazon Selling Journey
Seller Ambassador Lala shares how K.A.S.H. (knowledge, attitude, skills and habits) can translate into sales and your success on Amazon.
All Sellers
Mistakes I Made as a Seller
Seller Ambassador Joseph Zapanta shares about shares some of the key challenges he faced as an Amazon seller and how you might avoid the mistakes many first-time sellers will make.
All Sellers
Getting your Payments and Reimbursements on Amazon
Seller Ambassador Wong Kia Chik shares his selling journey and experience with handling payments and reimbursements on Amazon.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: FBA vs. FBM, which is better for me?
The Seller Ambassadors in Singapore share their thoughts on FBA, FBM and how they manage the logisitcs and fulfillment of customer orders in the US and SG.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell on Amazon
The Seller Ambassadors from Malaysia and Philippines share their advice on how they choose what to sell on Amazon.
All Sellers
Seller Meetup: Analysing Products - Build a Checklist
Seller Ambassador Felix Law shares with you how you can build your personal checklist to analyse potential products.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Expanding Internationally - Growing your Business with Cross-border eCommerce
Seller Ambassadors Wong Kia Chik, Lala, Debbie Cai, Zhang RuiHong and Felix Law discuss their experience on how they expanded internationally with cross-border eCommerce.
All Sellers
How to Conduct Effective Product Research to Sell On Amazon
Seller Ambassador, Lala shares her tips and tricks on how to conduct effective product research.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Adapting your Small Business in the New Retail Landscape
Seller Ambassadors, Joseph, Smriti, Amir and Philip share some insights of the impact of the pandemic on their business and tips for new sellers to adapt during this season.
All Sellers
Seller Meetup: Amazon Inventory Management 101
Zhang RuiHong shares his tips on how he plans his inventory and sends inventory into Amazon FBA.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: How to Protect your Amazon Business from Bad Actors
Seller Ambassadors Lala, Zhang RuiHong, Joseph and Smriti share their experiences with bad actors, and tips on protecting their Amazon business.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Ways to Streamline and Automate your Business Processes
Seller Ambassadors Wong Kia Chik, Debbie Cai, Amir Biran, Philip Law dive deep into automating and streamlining your Amazon business processes.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Biggest learnings in our Amazon Selling Journey
Hear from our Seller Ambassadors Debbie, Lala, Joseph, KC, and Philip as they share their ups and downs, and biggest takeaways in their Amazon selling journey.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Achieve your Business Goals with Advertising
Seller Ambassadors Felix, RuiHong, Amir and Smriti share their latest tips and tricks on advertising on Amazon to bring your business to the next level.
All Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Key Considerations for Black Friday Cyber Monday
Tune in to hear Seller Ambassadors Smriti, Philip, and Joseph share their key considerations for participating in the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday sales.
New Sellers
Seller Roundtable: Recommended Resources for New Sellers
Tune in to hear Seller Ambassadors Debbie, RuiHong, Felix, and KC share their experience on the best resources for new sellers looking to start on Amazon.
*Amazon does not endorse the opinions of or is formally affiliated with the third party speakers.​​​​​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon Seller Ambassadors Program?
The Amazon Seller Ambassador program consists of vibrant sellers who will share their personal selling journey. They are individuals who make a significant impact in helping other sellers by sharing their knowledge and fostering strong collaboration in the community. These leaders will actively share their best practices and organize gatherings to discuss Amazon-focused topics.

Join us for our upcoming activities to learn more!
What are benefits of joining our Amazon Seller Ambassadors activities?
Learn from one another - Expand your knowledgeby joining Amazon Seller Ambassador activities. You may also exchange ideas with the community to explore best practices.

Build strong connections - There will be recurring seller gatherings to discuss Amazon-focused topics and networking opportunities.

Strengthening ties support - The Amazon Seller Ambassadors program will connect you with experts across fields, who can be your great buddy and mentor to help acheive your goals.
What kind of activities will the Amazon Seller Ambassadors engage in?
Ambassadors are mentors, creators, writers and speakers who will share their personal stories and experience selling on Amazon.
  • Sharing tips to sell on Amazon
  • Host seller meetups and speak during Amazon events
  • More to come!
  • What are the best practices in engaging with the Ambassadors?
  • Reach out to the Ambassadors during our monthly virtual seller meetups or via their Facebook group and ask them questions about selling on Amazon.
  • Share ideas, learnings and knowledge that may benefit the Ambassadors and other sellers
  • Join activities and meetups organized by the Ambassadors to explore and flash out your ideas
  • Inspire and empower the Ambassadors as representatives of the seller community
  • Can I apply to become an Amazon Seller Ambassador?
  • Amazon Seller Ambassadors are currently by invite only. However, if you are interested to become an Amazon Seller Ambassador, do reach out to us with your interest by dropping us a message in our Facebook page, @sellonamazonsg.
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