3 Tools to Ace Your Product Launch
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Discover 3 Tools to Ace Your First Product Launch on Amazon.com

Becoming a successful Amazon seller requires time and preparation. The first three months after you launch your Amazon business is a crucial period when it comes to establishing practices that will boost your performance from there on out. For a product to sell, it needs to rank high in its category and in order for the product to rank high, it needs to sell. So how do you drive initial sales and rank high, both at the same time? Here are some helpful tools you can use to improve your sales ranking on Amazon.
1.0 The Golden Rule: Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate
Have you noticed the storefronts of successful sellers? A great Amazon storefront makes all the difference as it plays a big part in the customer’s decision to buy your product or not. Ask yourself if your storefront is compelling enough to make shoppers want to purchase.
1.1 Attract attention. Optimizing your listing content to increase visibility, generate traffic and improve conversion rate.
Can you spot the difference between the two storefronts? As a customer, which one are you likely to purchase from? If you want to grab a shopper's attention on Amazon, then showcase your product through A+ content and turn your views into sales.
What is A+ Content?
A+ Content allows you to add rich text and enhanced images to showcase your unique brand story and product information. It can help you connect shoppers with your brand story and educate them on the value of your product features, thus creating a memorable, brand-specific shopping experience for your customers.
Amazon research data shows that after using the A+ content sellers saw:
• Increased sales by an average of 5%
• Increased conversion rates by 18%*
• Ad product conversion rate increased by 69%*
*Reference data: 2016 Amazon survey data using A+ content. Results may vary based on numerous factors including content quality, product price, and product category. This study is based on internal research and not a guarantee of future sales
When used effectively, A+ content can not only promote your brand and products bring in traffic, but it can also dismiss purchasing doubts and effectively enhance conversions. Basic A+ Content is available to all sellers at no cost, so give it a try.
1.2 Get quality reviews - overcome initial cold start of newly launched product.
Product reviews can make or break a new seller. In fact, customer reviews is one of the key factors that determine whether a customer chooses to buy a product. Research has found that 97% of consumers consult product reviews when making purchase decisions.

If a product has numerous good reviews, that can help other consumers make informed decisions about the products they purchase. Customers are able to learn more about the function and quality of the product to decide whether it is right for them, which will significantly improve conversion rate. However, in the early stages of a new product launch, many sellers face a lack of high-quality organic customer review. So, how do you get authentic product reviews?

Amazon Vine review tool is a seller tool that helps sellers actively seek honest and unbiased feedback from some of Amazon's most trusted reviewers. Amazon Vine reviewers (also known as Vine Voice) are provided with a free product from you, the seller, in exchange for their review. Once enrolled as an Amazon brand registered seller, you are eligible to enroll in the Amazon Vine program where you can receive up to 30 reviews with each review being marked with "Vine Customer Review of Free Product". Here’s how you can enroll an item in the Vine program.
2.0 Understand your customer’s decision making process and use tool to drive traffic
2.1 Driving Quality Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listings
Now that you have an optimized storefront and product listing, the next step is to help shoppers discover your products and drive traffic to your new product page.
For 75%* of Amazon customers, the first step in finding a product starts with the search bar.
Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are advertisements that appear after customer searches for a product, reaching customers who are browsing for products like yours and directing them to your product page. By reaching customers with purchase intentions who are already browsing for similar products to yours, it can promote sales conversions.
*Source: Feedvisor "2018 Amazon User Study: Know Your Customers" (2018)
By choosing Amazon Sponsored Product Ads you can use keywords and product targeting to advertise specific, individual products and appear alongside other products on the search results page or on the product detail page.
Displaying Sponsored Product Ads can further increase the exposure conversions by showing your ads to more qualified users. The data shows that using keywords and product placement to promote products has 47% higher overall impressions than just keyword promotion. Within the first year after launching a Sponsored Products campaign, ASINs saw an average weekly +54% lift in glance views and an average weekly +40% lift in units ordered.*
*Source: Amazon user research (statistics as of August 2019)
2.2 After the launch of your new product, leverage on automatic targeting to ensure your campaigns are set up for success.
How do you find the right keywords for a successful sponsored products ad campaign? If you do not have much experience in advertising, it is recommended that you turn on your automatic product promotion advertising.

Automatic sponsored products targeting is where Amazon helps to decide when to display your product ad to relevant shoppers based on the keywords identified from the title, description and other sections of your product listing. Automatic campaigns allow you to stay on top of search trends and save time so you can focus on running your business.
Seller tip:
Give the automatic targeting campaign a week or two to collect performance data then you can create an additional sponsored products campaign with manual targeting where you choose your keywords. Refine your keyword strategy by using the search term report from your automatic targeting campaign, you can port over the top performing keywords to maximise results. It only takes a few minutes to set up a campaign, give it a try.
2.3 Increase your sales through the Virtual Product Bundle tool
New products are usually short on traffic, but what’s the one thing that customers love while shopping? Getting a good deal. Customers love bundles because they can buy what they need together and save.

With the Virtual Product Bundles tool, you can create bundles using your Fulfillment by Amazon inventory. Combine up to five of their FBA ASINS into a single listing, when a customer buys a virtual bundle, Amazon ships all the items included in the bundle using your existing FBA inventory at no additional cost to you.

The bundled product combination is placed on the detail page of the main product in your bundle and displays the “Make it a Bundle" widget. Customers can see the bundled products immediately after viewing the main product pictures and descriptions. This feature is only available to brand owners.
3.0 Prevent both online and offline counterfeit by using Amazon Transparency
Transparency is a product serialization service that helps brands identify individual units and prevent counterfeits from reaching customers, protecting both your brand and customers. You can choose which products you want to enroll in the service and will receive a unique Transparency barcode that must be added to each individual unit you manufacture.
● Get proactive protection and prevent counterfeit goods
○ Amazon will check the barcode on the product packaging, whether it is FBA or self-delivered products, only products with the correct barcode can be sold.
● Help maintain price stability
○ Products protected by the Transparency transparent plan can also avoid the possible impact on prices due to fake products.
● Verify the authenticity of the product and build trust with customers
○ After the product finally reaches the consumer, the consumer can verify the authenticity of the product by using the Transparency app and scanning the barcode code on the product. Upon scanning, the app will show a green check mark if the code is valid and a red X if it is not.
Amazon invites you to use the tools available to help improve your brand performance, drive sales and grow your business. Check out all of them on your seller central homepage under advertising stores reports performance and brands tabs.
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