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"On, even though we launched recently in 2022, we’ve seen a month-on-month growth of 80-90% in terms of sales. Last Black Friday Cyber Monday we hit 6-figures in monthly sales."

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Stev Tam
Founder, Petite Simone (Amazon Global Seller from Singapore)


of Amazon customers use Amazon to discover new products or brands


of sales on Amazon are from third-party independent sellers
Handmade Heroes vegan skincare brand from Singapore selling on in the US reaches #1 lipscrub on Watch for brand building and Amazon Advertising tips
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"If our humble brand from Singapore can become the #1 lipscrub on, then you can also compete with big brands on a global scale."

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Lynsey Lim
Co-Founder, Handmade Heroes (Amazon Global Seller from Singapore)


mobile visitors from the US shop on Amazon Stores each month


of sales on Amazon are from third-party independent sellers

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Try FBA with free inbound shipping, storage, removals, and returns
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Why sell on

Build, grow, and scale your brand with's ready customer base in the United States. Let Amazon handle your operational headaches in the US with Fulfillment By Amazon, research US customer demand with innovative tools and build a global brand while being based in Singapore.
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"The way I see now is that it’s one of the quickest and most efficient ways of selling to the US. Millions of US customers are using it, which makes it easy to target and reach them as an Amazon Global Seller. I’m also very positive about the various marketing tools that are available on Amazon that can help us to further grow the business."
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Quanda Ong
Founder, Gnome & Bow

Amazon customers buy roughly
7,400 products per minute from U.S. sellers.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that helps businesses grow by providing access to Amazon's logistics network. Businesses send products to Amazon fulfillment centers and when a customer makes a purchase, we handle receiving, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns for those orders. FBA ensures reliable 2-day shipping to all US 50 States so you can focus on your brand.
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"I’ve always used Fulfillment By Amazon, which is a financial investment, especially in the US, but the amount of time it has saved me as well as the speed of delivery offered to customers is something that is hard to beat."
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Nikola Rudic
Founder, Supreme Grubs

On average, sellers see a 20–25%
increase in sales
after adopting FBA.

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You sell it, we ship it
With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in our fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. For a limited time, try out new inventory with less risk with New Seller Incentives.
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Research what to sell
Deciding which products to sell and understanding US customer demand can be challenging. Use Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer and leverage our research guide to maximize your chances for success globally.
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Perfect Jumpstart and Launch: five steps for your first 90 days
Speed matters in business. For Amazon sellers, the first 90 days of launching your Amazon store from scratch is especially critical, where you are conducting product research, deciding on your brand, sorting out trademarks, sourcing, arranging logistics, etc.

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Join our free webinars and events about selling on Discover meet ups in Singapore and workshops available for new aspiring sellers.
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Useful learning resources

Get a quick overview of the useful learning guides that will help you kickstart your Amazon Global Selling journey.
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