Product Research Ideas 2024

What Sells Best on Product Research Ideas for Singapore Sellers in 2024

Interested to know what sells best on Amazon or products to avoid when starting your product research journey?
Continue reading this FAQ page where we answer some your top questions asked.
1. Can I export from Singapore to the US?
To find inspiration, try asking yourself:
- What are you passionate about?
- When you look around, what do people need to solve a problem?
- Which types of products are trending and currently popular?
- Could you put your own spin on an existing product and make it better?

Explore what products are selling well on Amazon and see how they rank. Start with the Amazon’s Best Seller list and consult the Movers & Shakers list for popular products based on sales. Then, dig deeper into product categories and subcategories.

Read about more tips on researching what to sell here.
2. How do I get started on product research and ensure I find profitable products to sell?
i) Conduct an industry analysis and adequate category research – consider which categories have the greatest potential and the competition involved.

- Category growth potential: Research via Google trends or use any third-party analytical websites.
- Barrier to entry: Additional supporting documents may be required for more gated categories (e.g. Compliance or Product Safety Certification). You should also ensure that your products are compliant with Amazon’s product regulations.
- Competitive landscape: Search for the product type and observe the number of substitutes available on Amazon.

ii) Consider your product positioning – how do you differentiate yourself based on customer shopping behavior or demographics?

- Product innovation and unique selling point: Take into account the market and business needs.
- Point of introduction, changing trends and seasonality: Determine the best time to launch your new selection by using tools like Google trends or Product Opportunity Explorer. For products that are not impacted by seasonality, it is recommended to launch by March to optimize the store before peak sales seasons like Prime Day.
- Customer reviews and ratings: Use this to find untapped potential for your products. Pay particular attention to bad reviews which signals an opportunity to introduce a new product that avoids similar mistakes.

iii) Choose the pricing strategy – how should you price your new products to give yourself a healthy profit margin?

- Consider Amazon selling fees: Take into consideration your monthly subscription plan, referral fee, fulfillment fees (if you intend to use FBA) and other costs. Learn more here.
- Pricing band opportunities: Research average product pricing on Amazon before deciding your product pricing strategy. If you are pricing it at a premium, your product should have a unique selling price versus other similar products.

With these in mind, you will be well poised to pick the right products to sell on Amazon.

Interested to learn more?

Check out our on-demand videos from the Amazon Seller Summit 2022.
3. Are there any tools to estimate the revenue I will earn from Amazon?
The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) revenue calculator helps you to get real-time cost comparisons to decide whether to fulfil orders on your own or use programs like FBA to deliver orders from customers on Amazon, and estimate your profit.

Note: This FBA Revenue Calculator should be used as a guide in evaluating FBA only. If you are unsure about what FBA is, please refer to this page.
4. What are the product recommendations for an aspiring ecommerce store owner?
Although you can sell almost anything in Amazon stores, a good place for an aspiring ecommerce store owner to start is with products that:

- Are easy to package and ship
- Have branding potential
- Are affordable for customers
- Have a long shelf life
We also study the reviews of similar existing products from other companies to identify any specific consumer needs that we can address in our own version of the product. From there, we design our products to meet these needs, and then go on to see if there’s anything that we can add to it to provide additional benefits for users. For this, we like to scroll through the “People are buying this with…” section on Amazon.
Steven TeoMarketing Director of Baby K
5. Are there any products that will be more difficult for a new entrepreneur to sell?
Products that may be difficult for a new entrepreneur to sell are:

- Food and perishables
- Products with a low profit margin
- Heavy or bulky items, or products that are expensive to ship
- Highly competitive products (check the amount of customer reviews)
- Complex items or electronic products
6. Which products should I avoid selling?
Products that you may wish to avoid selling are:

- Patented or trademarked products (unless you own the patent/trademark or are certified as a reseller)
- Restricted products. Depending on the selling channels you use, there may be restrictions on the types of products you can sell. It’s a good idea to check the restricted products list before you start buying inventory to make sure you don’t run into any unexpected challenges.
7. Is there a list of global category trends and selections that tells me the most desirable products on Amazon?
Our Amazon Seller University Category Guides provide in-depth analyses on customer trends, hot selling products, and peak shopping seasons for you.

Our Product Research Playbook also provides more tips on product ideas per category, customer insights that drive demand, and tools that you can use to gain a competitive advantage to maximize your chances for success on Amazon.
8. What are the hot and widely sought-after products on Amazon?
There is a Best Sellers page on Amazon which is updated with top products by category. View top sellers, movers and shakers, new releases, gifting ideas and more. Get inspired, and learn more about researching what sells best on Amazon here.
9. Could you recommend any product research tools other than looking at the Amazon Seller University Category Guides and Best Sellers page?
Amazon's Product Opportunity Explorer tool (Seller Central login required) gives you access to rich, accurate customer demand data so you know the WHY as well as the WHAT. Product Opportunity Explorer allows you to understand Amazon customers' preferences to evaluate if there is unmet customer demand, find niche opportunities and assess competition. This way, you will be closer to picking a product that reaps good profit and sells well on Amazon.

To learn more about the Product Opportunity Explorer tool, refer here. Sign up for an account today to gain access to this tool.

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10. Are there any recommended service providers for product research and scouting?
Discover third-party software and services including third-party keyword research tools such as Helium10 or JungleScout, and product compliance consultants here.
Research is done predominantly on product and keyword research tools such as Helium10 or JungleScout. The main idea is to size the online selling potential, and how that demand is distributed across the brands/sellers. Large product categories (in terms of revenue) where market share is split across many smaller sellers are categories which would be more friendly toward a new seller. Some categories can be competitive but there are still categories that are easy to penetrate. Standing out from others entails plenty of research and putting in the effort to create a product which is really unique (or can be marketed and understood to be as unique).
NikoFounder of Supreme Grubs
11. What are the base selling plans available and its costs?
Our selling plans give you the freedom to pay per sale or stick to a flat monthly fee. You can change or cancel your plan at any time.

Remember to take into account other costs when calculating your profitability. Refer here.



(Recommended as you get account help and useful tools)



/ item sold
+ additional selling fees



/ month
+ additional selling fees


This plan might be right for you if...
• You sell fewer than 40 units a month
• You sell more than 40 units a month
• You're still deciding what to sell
• You want to advertise your products
• You don't plan to advertise or use advanced selling tools
• You want to qualify for top placement on product detail pages
• You want to use advanced selling tools, like APIs and reports
• You want to sell products in restricted categories

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