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4 tips to research what to sell on


Selection guides

Unsure of what's the best product to sell? Check out Amazon Seller University Selection Guides for top product ideas and customer insights

Product research tools

Use product research tools like Product Opportunity Explorer to get data-driven insights such as keyword volume, growth trends and competitors

Best sellers lists

See the trending best-sellers and gifting ideas updated live on Get inspired and start your product research here

Other helpful resources

Engage third-party research tools and consultants in Amazon's Service Provider Network, watch our past webinars, or join a seller community event to gain more tips
Reaching millions of customers globally can boost your sales and take your business to the next level. But many sellers have trouble deciding which of their products to sell first.

After all, some products might face stiff competition, require complex compliance approvals or have low growth potential. The four tips below will help you choose which products to sell in the US, how to gain a competitive advantage versus existing products to maximize your chances for success globally.

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Selection guides for

Unsure of popular product items, and US customer insights for your category of interest? Check out our Amazon Seller University Selection Guides below for in-depth analyses on customer trends, hot selling products, and peak shopping seasons for you.
Selection Tools and Tips
NA Product Selection Guide
Need a guide to researching products to sell on Check out our Product Research Playbook where we provide tips on product ideas per category, customer insights that drive demand, and tools that you can use to gain a competitive advantage to maximize your chances for success on

Product research tools

Product research is both a science and an art. The good news is that the science is greatly aided by data - data on what customers are searching, how many products compete for those keywords, how many reviews they have, whether they run-out-of-stock often.

Amazon's Product Opportunity Explorer tool (Seller Central login required) gives you access to rich, accurate customer demand data so you know the WHY as well as the WHAT.

Product Opportunity Explorer

Opportunity Explorer allows you to understand Amazon customers' preferences to evaluate if there is unmet customer demand, and an opportunity for you to meet that demand through new products and product features.

Discover unmet & underserved demand

Research customer demand signals via keyword search data, and filter for the highest search volume or highest growth keywords

Find niche opportunities

Look for product niches, review competitive products in key niches to identify opportunities for differentiation

Assess competition

Find data on how many brands and products compete in the same space, their average pricing, reviews and even out-of-stock rates
*An Amazon Professional Selling Account is required to access Product Opportunity Explorer. Data is available for and 5 European Stores only.

Best sellers lists on

The Best Sellers page on is updated with top products by category. View top sellers, movers and shakers, new releases, gifting ideas and more. Get inspired, and start your product research here.
Best Sellers
Our most popular products based on sales, updated hourly
Gifting Ideas
Our most popular products ordered as gifts, updated daily
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New Releases
Our best-selling new and future releases, updated hourly
1 Trillion dollars in e-commerce sales expected from North America
Movers & Shakers
Our biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hour, updated daily
3.5 billion dollars in sales from third party selling partners during Prime Day 2020
Most Wished For
Our products most often added to Wishlist & Registries, updated daily

Other helpful resources

Here are some other helpful tools & resources to help you in your product research journey.

Perfect Jumpstart & Launch Playbook

Speed matters in business. For Amazon sellers, the first 90 days of launching your Amazon store from scratch is especially critical, where you are conducting product research, deciding on your brand, sorting out trademarks, sourcing, arranging logistics, etc.

Check out our all-in-one playbook and go global in 90 days.

Consult the Amazon Service Provider Network

Discover third-party software and services including third-party keyword research tools such as Helium10 or JungleScout, and product compliance consultants.

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Professional Selling Plan Fee Promotion:
Pay USD$1 for 6 months instead of USD$39.99 a month.*

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