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Scale your ecommerce fulfillment with our trusted 1 and 2-day delivery speeds.

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Why MCF?

With Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) you improve customer experience with faster delivery and simplified operations. Store your inventory in our warehouses, and lower your fulfillment costs with Amazon’s competitive rates and scalable capacity.
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Fast, trusted fulfillment
Leverage the same delivery speeds as Amazon Prime with 1-day, 2-day, or standard (3-5 business day) delivery options.
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Simplified operations
Manage your online business from a single inventory source. Get products closer to customers with automatic inventory placement across the U.S., and let us take care of fulfillment.
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Instant, flexible scale
Grow your business without increasing your fixed costs. With MCF, you can manage seasonal spikes without additional resources.
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Connect to other ecommerce channels
Use API plugins to connect your MCF inventory to all of your ecommerce channels, including Shopify, WooCommerce, 3dcart, and Magento.
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Leverage multi-channel listing software
Multi-channel listing software connects your various selling channels to MCF so that you can manage product listing and fulfillment from a single location using integrators like Channel Advisor, Shipstation, Orderhive, Sellbrite, Skubana, and more.
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Predictable, competitive pricing
Keep costs low with our simple, predictable pricing. One fee for pick, pack, and ship. Free to get started and only pay when you ship.

How MCF works

Step 1

Ship your inventory to our fulfillment centers using your own transportation or Amazon’s discounted carrier rates.

Step 2

Customers place their orders on your ecommerce sales channel (e.g., your website, or other marketplace).

Step 3

Based on the ship speed you choose, Amazon fulfills your orders at 1-day, 2-day, or standard shipping.


MCF fees apply to US domestic orders placed on sales channels other than Amazon.com. For information about international pricing, see FBA Export fees.

Product examples

Product type

Product size


Unit weight

Shipping weight

Standard shipping

Expedited shipping

Priority shipping

Mobile device case
Small standard
13.8 x 9.0 x 0.7 inches
0.18 lb
1 lb
Large standard
8.5 x 5.8 x 1 inches
0.35 lb
1 lb
Large standard
12.6 x 6.6 x 5.5 inches
3.35 lb
4 lb
Baby cot
Small oversize
25 x 8 x 7 inches
7.05 lb
10 lb
Large oversize
54 x 35 x 3.5 inches
48.45 lb
50 lb
As entrepreneurial sellers, we often spend too much valuable time navigating complex transport and fulfillment issues. A seller’s focus should be on the brand and the customer. Amazon MCF allows you to easily navigate this complex environment, while supporting you with one of the most robust infrastructures available today.
Jeremiah CurversCo-Founder & CEO | Polysleep

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Multi-Channel Fulfillment.
Do I need to be an Amazon seller to use Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
An Amazon Seller Central account is required to use MCF, but you are not required to sell items in an Amazon store.
Can I use my current FBA inventory to fulfill Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders?
If you are an existing Amazon seller using FBA, your inventory will serve both Amazon customers and customers from your MCF sales channels.
What packaging does Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders use?
Most MCF orders ship in Amazon-branded packaging. We are actively working on enabling unbranded packaging for all MCF orders.
What ship speeds does Multi-Channel Fulfillment offer?
MCF sellers can select 1-day, 2-day, and standard shipping speeds. These are the same shipping speeds offered by FBA for Amazon customers.
How do I sign up for Multi-Channel Fulfillment?
If you’re new to selling on Amazon sign up here. If you currently sell with FBA, get started here.
Does Amazon customer service handle Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders?
Sellers are responsible for providing customer service for their MCF orders. This includes handing requests for replacements, refunds, and returns.
How are Multi-Channel Fulfillment returns processed?
You can choose to return items back to Amazon fulfillment centers, or follow your existing returns process.
How do I track my Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders?
MCF Sellers and their customers can visit the Swiship tracking website with their MCF tracking number to find real-time updates for their shipped packages regardless of carrier.
Can I use Multi-Channel Fulfillment to fulfill international orders?
Currently, MCF only supports international fulfillment for media products such as books, music and movies.

MCF is also available in the following countries:

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