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The Amazon Seller Ambassador program recognizes a vibrant group of Amazon seller experts who actively engage with other sellers to share about their personal seller journey and best practices based on their experience. Seller Ambassadors go above and beyond to share knowledge in a variety of ways including meetups, social media, blog articles, workshops, conferences, and more. Get to know our Ambassadors below, and learn how you can connect with them!
Felix Law
Ambassador since 2020
Debbie Cai
Ambassador since 2020
Zhang RuiHong
Ambassador since 2020
Smriti Modi
Ambassador since 2021
Joseph Zapanta
Ambassador since 2021
Philip Cheong
Ambassador since 2021
Ivan Ong
Ambassador since 2022
Cyril Chia
Ambassador since 2022
Ambassador since 2021
Wong Kia Chik
Ambassador since 2021
Samuel Loo
Ambassador since 2022
Chiam Sing Chuen
Ambassador since 2022
Jeremy Teo
Ambassador since 2022
Bogdan Costache
Ambassador since 2023
Crystal Ren
Ambassador since 2023
Stev Tam
Ambassador since 2023
Mark Newton
Ambassador since 2023
Ambassador since 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amazon Seller Communities?
Amazon Seller Communities provide both aspiring and existing sellers the opportunity to interact and learn from thousands of other sellers, gain valuable insights, and provide a platform for sellers to support one another. This channel also makes it easier for sellers to feedback to us about the challenges you face, and allow us to improve your seller experience as a whole.
What are benefits of joining our Amazon Seller Community activities?
Learn from one another - Expand your knowledgeby joining Amazon Seller Community activities. You may also exchange ideas with the community to explore best practices.

Build strong connections - There will be recurring seller meetups to discuss Amazon-focused topics and networking opportunities.

Strengthening ties support - The Amazon Seller Community will connect you with experts across fields, who can be your great buddy and mentor to help acheive your goals.
Who are the Amazon Seller Ambassadors?
Amazon Seller Ambassadors are real Amazon sellers who have found success selling on and love to connect with other Amazon sellers to share their personal selling journey. They are individuals who make a significant impact in helping other sellers by sharing their knowledge and fostering strong collaboration in the community. These leaders will actively share their best practices and organize gatherings to discuss Amazon-focused topics.

Join us for our upcoming activities to learn more!
What kind of activities will the Amazon Seller Ambassadors engage in?
Ambassadors are mentors, creators, writers and speakers who will share their personal stories and experience selling on Amazon.
  • Sharing tips to sell on Amazon
  • Host seller meetups and speak during Amazon events
  • More to come!
  • What are the best practices in engaging with the Ambassadors?
  • Reach out to the Ambassadors during our monthly virtual seller meetups or via their Facebook group and ask them questions about selling on Amazon.
  • Share ideas, learnings and knowledge that may benefit the Ambassadors and other sellers
  • Join activities and meetups organized by the Ambassadors to explore and flash out your ideas
  • Inspire and empower the Ambassadors as representatives of the seller community
  • Can I apply to become an Amazon Seller Ambassador?
  • Amazon Seller Ambassadors are currently by invite only. However, if you are interested to become an Amazon Seller Ambassador, do reach out to us with your interest by dropping us a message in our Facebook page, @agssea.
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