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Why Expand to Canada
Amazon is one of the largest and fastest growing online retailers in Canada, with 15.9 million unique visitors spending 505 million minutes on the site each month. is newer and continues to grow at more than twice the rate of When you sell in Canada, you are helping grow the Canadian selection from tens of millions of items to hundreds of millions of items. New sellers launching in Canada will find similar product demand, language, operations and logistics as, making a great growth opportunity.

How to start selling on

1. North America Unified Account - Access your CA account via Seller Central
Did you know?

• With a North America Unified Account, you can conveniently switch in Seller Central between,, and seller tools to list products and manage orders in multiple marketplaces. This means that you have an active CA account if you are already selling on
• Access CA Seller Central from the dropdown list in your Seller Central (refer to image)
• No extra monthly subscription fee required
Launching in Canada is FREE with an existing Professional Selling Plan
2. Enroll in North America Remote Fufillment (NARF) to make your US offers available on Amazon CA and fulfill orders with your US FBA inventory.
Did you know?

• NARF automatically creates offer for eligible ASINs. Offers created via NARF will have Prime Badge on Amazon CA
• Amazon will fulfill orders with your US FBA inventory, handle customer services, customer returns, and collect and remit taxes on your behalf.
• NARF fee will replace FBA fees (more information)
• NARF provides understanding of demand prior to sending products in-country to Canada and/or Mexico FBA
• Shipping time is 7-12 days to Canada and customers will pay import fees (see listing example)
Refer to the NARF enrollment step-by-step guide here.
3. Convert to Canada Fufillment by Amazon (FBA)
You can choose to use CA FBA from the beginning or wait to see positive signals from NARF before converting your inventory to CA FBA. For business located outside Canada, you will need to consider the followings when shipping your inventory to CA:

• You need to become a Non-resident Importer (NRI) to ensure that all deliveries to Canadian residents are delivery duty paid (DDP)
• You or your broker acts as the importer of record (IOR)
• If you are a non-resident and you are selling on you will need to register to collect GST/HST sale taxes with CRA if you have sold more than $30,000 CDN dollars in worldwide sales
Learn more about Ship to Canada and Canada tax and regulatory considerations. Customs brokers or freight forwarders can provide further guidance on getting an NRI and registering for a Canadian business number.

Useful resources to help you get started:
FBA Revenue Calculator
External Service Providers

FBA New Selection Program

To encourage sellers to offer new products through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), the New Selection program offers free storage and free removals for a limited time for eligible new-to-FBA ASINs. Sellers enrolled in the program can get benefits for up to 100 new parent ASINs per year. The 100-ASIN limit will be reset January 1 every year.

In addition, sellers who are new to FBA can qualify to get a $135 discount on Amazon Partnered Carrier shipping.

Program Benefits

All eligible new-to FBA ASINs qualify for
Free monthly storage for the first 30 units sent to Amazon fulfilment centres for 90 days after the first unit is received
Free removals for any of those first 30 units for 180 days after the first inventory-received date

Sellers who are new to FBA can qualify for
Discount on shipping: New FBA sellers who enrol in the New Selection program can get their first $135 in inbound transportation charges waived if they use the Amazon Partnered Carrier program. ASINs do not have to be new to FBA to get this discount.
Seller and Product Eligibility
Professional sellers are eligible to enrol into the program.
Parent ASINs must be new to FBA

ASINs also must be:
• Received at the fulfilment centre after July 31, 2020
• Small standard or large standard size
• Not used condition
• Not in a media category

Watch our live webinar

Wondering how to start your journey with Amazon Canada? Watch our webinar recording to find out more about the market potential, pro tips to start your business in Canada and many more!
In this webinar, you will learn about:
• The potential of Canada Market
• Different fulfillment methods for international sellers
• Product selections that Canadian customers are looking to buy
• Taxes and other regulation considerations
• Live Q&A
*Amazon does not endorse the opinions of or is formally affiliated with the third party speakers or service providers. This webinar is for educational purposes only.​​​​​​​
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