Amazon New Seller Accelerator Curriculum

A structured 12-weeks curriculum to help you build a brand successfully on and scale globally with dedicated support and resources

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WEEK 6: Check-In with Amazon Account Manager - Access the webinar


WEEK 1 - How to make the most out of the Amazon New Seller Accelerator Program
Introduction to New Seller Guide
A set of brand, logistics, pricing and promotional services that we recommend New Sellers to explore
- New Seller Incentive Eligibility: Find out more
- Compliance Check-in tool: How to use
WEEK 2 - How to build an international brand?
Fundamentals of Brand Building on Amazon
- Brand Positioning and strategy development - How should new products be priced and marketed?
- Building a brand image and increasing brand voice - How can I improve customer acquistion opportunities?
- High-performance branding - How do I drive discoverability?- - Connect to customers - How can I attract followers and increase repeat customers?
- Protection of brand rights - Will my brand and trademark be infringed by others?
- What is Amazon Brand Registry? Find out more
- Brand Management - Guide to growing your brand on Amazon: Explore more
- Add A+ content to your listing and drive more sales: Learn more - All about Amazon Vine - generate customer reviews & drive traffic: Watch now
How to apply for Trademark
- SG Sellers - EXYIP
- PH Sellers - Accolade IP
- Accolade IP:
WEEK 3 - Check-In: Live Ask Me Anything with Amazon Account Manager
Bi-Weekly Check-Ins
Log in to GoTo Webinar (Link is sent to email)
WEEK 3 - What new sellers need to do in the 90-day golden period?
What is the 90-day golden period for new sellers?
Phase 1: Foundation building (0-20 days)
Phase 2: Set up the big picture (15-35 days)
Phase 3: Show your strengths (20 -40 days)
- How to estimate Amazon sales: Find out more
- Perfect Launch Paybook (New Seller Guide): Download
- Introduction to New Seller Guide: Watch now
- Selection Methodology & Product Opportunity Explorer Demonstration: Watch now
- Tips to Calculate Profit Margin & ROI to Kickstart Your Amazon Global Selling Journey: Find out more
- Introduction to Amazon Ads: Watch Now
WEEK 4 - Create your first Amazon listing
The importance of listing and it's 8 major components
Learn all-you-need-to-know about Listing in this session
- How to set up automated pricing rules: Learn more
- 6 tips for taking product photos in 2024: Find out more
- Understand listing suppression, Mandatory product approvals to avoid suppressed listings, Troubleshoot listing error codes & Troubleshoot brand error codes: Explore more
- Amazon SEO - 7 ways to improve your product's search rankings: Read more
- How to create A+ content, tips, guidelines & examples: Find out more
WEEK 5 - Check-In: Live Ask Me Anything with Amazon Account Manager
Bi-Weekly Check-Ins
Log in to GoTo Webinar (Link is sent to email)
WEEK 5 - How to ship your products?
Introduction to FBA & Amazon SEND Program
Getting started with FBA: FBA discounts, FBA inventory management & find out more about Amazon's cross-border partner carrier program (SEND)
- Fulfilment by Amazon: Find out more
- Is Amazon FBA worth it? What to consider: Explore
- Packaging and preparation requirements: Learn more
Logistical support by Third-Party Service Providers
- For SG Sellers - Mentor Media
- For PH Sellers - 1Export (ShipIT)
- Mentor Media
- 1Export (ShipIT)
WEEK 6 - Check-In: Live Ask Me Anything with Amazon Account Manager
Bi-Weekly Check-Ins
Log in to GoTo Webinar (Link is sent to email)
WEEK 7 - Ways to increase conversions with your listing
Optimizing your listings
Learn optimization tips and discover case studies
- Increase your chances of becoming the Featured Offer: Find out more
- 9 tactics to boost your listings to drive more sales: Explore tactics
WEEK 8 - Setting up your Amazon Ads Account
How to build a global brand
Leveraging brand building tips (SEO, keywords) to elevate youtrbrand
WEEK 9-12 - Weekly Office Hours with Amazon Account Manager
Only sellers who have adopted features, will get hands-on 1/1 weekly office hour customized support from Account manager
- Building your Amazon store
- Inventory Mangement
- Recommendation to improve image, product details, Keywords, A+ content
- Vine, Coupons, Sponsored Products

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About the Curriculum

Can I access playbacks after the training session?
Yes, you will be able to access replys on-demand after 2-3 days after the training session. Access playlist here
How can I access the bi-weekly check-ins?
You can access the bi-weekly check-ins with Amazon Account manager through the GoTo Webinar link sent via email.
How can I access the training sessions?
If you are part of the Amazon New Seller Accelerator Program, you would have received a webinar access link via email. If you happened to have missed any of our sessions, playbacks are available, you may access playlist here
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