2021 Amazon Expo

Seller Boot Camp

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2021 Amazon Expo, Seller Boot Camp

Thank you for your interest in our 2021 Amazon Expo, Seller Boot Camp. Missed our seller boot camp?
You can now access all 3 days of content and recordings on-demand!

Event Highlights


Hours of educational workshops
Pick and choose from over 15 sessions! From shipping, marketing, customs clearance, trademark and brand registration, operational strategies, and more.


Amazon experts & third party service providers
Connect with Amazon experts and third party service providers who can support you in many aspects of your Amazon business. Have all your questions answered during the live Q&A sessions.


Exclusive perks & offers
Receive exclusive resources and offers on related services for your Amazon Store via our virtual goodie bag! This includes 50% OFF clearance fees, 10% OFF favourable rates under Amazon's IP Accelerator programme and more from selected third party service providers.

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Start: An introduction to online selling

*Amazon does not endorse the opinions of or is formally affiliated with the third party speakers.​​​​​​​

Account Operations: Adding your products to Amazon stores

Compliance: U.S. FDA, Customs Clearance, and Tax Implications

Logistics & Fulfillment: Getting your products to customers

Marketing & Advertising: Driving traffic and optimizing sales

Payments: Manage your international payments


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