Amazon Accelerated Launch Program

We've partnered with our Service Provider Network to bring you offers and benefits and support your accelerated launch on Amazon.
Terms and conditions apply. No montlhly subscription fee through 31 Dec, 2024.
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Limited-time offer! Start your registration before 31-May for launch support*

Jumpstart your
Perfect Launch

Serious about starting your business on Amazon Singapore? With the Amazon Accelerated Launch Program, you'll get all the support you need for your perfect launch.

Accelerated launch* support, just for you

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1:1 Account management support through 31 Dec, 2024
Support with listing creation
Opportunity to be featured in all-year campaign promotions**
Brand Owners get access to a suite of Brand Owner Tools - Protect Your Brand, A+ Content and Branded Storefront
*Terms and conditions apply

Find out if you're eligible

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Already selling on other e-commerce stores
Have products ready to list
Product selection across Beauty, Electronics, Health and Personal Care, Home, Kitchen, Wireless, PC
Are a Brand Owners with <6 Buyable ASINs Or a Reseller/Distributor with <25 Buyable ASINs

Not eligible?

Don't worry, use the registration link to sign up below and receive 3-months launch support with our Starter Pack.

Get in touch

Fill out your contact details below if you meet our eligibility criteria and our team will reach back out to you for qualified account management support through 31-Dec, 2024.
Contact information
Where are you from?
What type of seller are you?
Main product category?
If you are a brand owner, do you have a registered trademark?
What is your estimated SKU count?
Identity Verification Disclosure: For purposes of authenticating Sellers’ identities and protecting our Customers, Amazon may require you to provide certain information about you and your business, including your name, email address and phone number (the “Information”) during the registration process. The Information we collect from you may be verified, stored, and managed by Amazon, our affiliates and third-party vendors. As a result, the Information may be transmitted outside of your country of residence (including to our affiliates in the United States of America or other countries for which you register or use our services). By providing your information, you consent Amazon for Amazon to use this information for your registration process, and to provide accelerated launch support. For detailed information about Amazon’s privacy policies, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

If you do not wish to provide the Information to us, please do not proceed with submitting this form.

*Accelerated Launch support terms and conditions

Accelerated launch support is subjected to terms and conditions. Offer applies to Selling Partners who meet the eligibility criteria and have started registration before 31 May, 2024, and is valid through 31 Dec, 2024 only. In order to receive support, Selling Partner will be required to provide certain information including name, email address, phone number and other business information which might be verified, stored, and managed by Amazon during and after registration.
**As part of the Accelerated Launch, Selling Partners will get the opportunity to be featured in business-as-usual promotional campaigns for a maxiumum duration of 1 week. Promotional campaigns are subject to customer search trends, and are not a guarantee for sales.

Sell more with Amazon

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*Source: E-commerce Marketplace Transaction Safety Ratings (TSR) 2024 Inter-Ministry Committee on Scams (IMCS).
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Don’t forget if you sign up today, there are no subscription fees to pay until December 31, 2024*.
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