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Many Amazon sellers are entrepreneurs—starting, building, inventing, experimenting. None of that is easy, but we’re here to help with a growing library of free resources to guide you towards success.

What is Seller University?

Seller University is a resource that sellers can use to learn how to sell on Amazon. Create product listings faster. Master the key tools and applications. Understand product rules and restrictions. Learn how to take advantage of FBA, advertising, promotions, and more.
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Dropshipping in 2022: Amazon's Guide on How To Get Started

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method that's easy to start. Here are 7 actionable steps to get you started + alternatives to consider!
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E-commerce: Models, Benefits and Tips for Selling on Amazon

E-commerce is a billion-dollar industry that is set to continue growing. Read about what it is and how you can start your own store here!
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What Is Inventory Turnover: Definition, Formula & Interpretation

Inventory turnover ratio indicates how fast inventory is sold. Read our guide for the formula, interpretation and tips for optimization!

Events & webinars

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Join our webinars and on-demand events such as the Amazon Seller Summit to learn directly from experts!

Discover training and workshops available at every stage of your Amazon selling journey, tailored to US and EU marketplaces.
Seller ambassadors
Seller Ambassadors are a vibrant group of Amazon seller experts who actively engage with other sellers to share their journey and best practices.

Knowledge is shared in a variety of ways including meetups, blog articles, workshops, conferences, and more.
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Seller community events
Join our Seller Ambassadors for Seller Roundtables where they share their personal experiences and answer your queries live.

Learn from one another and build strong connections as we delve into different Amazon-focused topics each session
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Get bite-sized tips, resources and start a chat with us anytime on our Facebook page for the Amazon Global Selling - Southeast Asia community.

Whether you're looking to start or are already selling on Amazon.com or other worldwide Amazon marketplaces, this community is for you.

Other Resources

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Amazon seller forums

Get answers to your questions from Amazon employees and fellow sellers.

Amazon seller help

Dive deep on specific topics related to selling on Amazon.

Third-party resources

You can find trusted third-party resources in the Service Provider Network — a directory of third-party service providers that can help you build, manage, and scale your business on Amazon. Developers and service providers are vetted by Amazon during the application process, reviewed by customers, and continuously audited for compliance.

Services you can get help with include account management, performance management, FBA upgrade and more. Through this, you can consult high-quality providers in your base city and get help in your preferred language. Enjoy special discounted prices as well!

Additionally, the Marketplace Appstore also offers applications to help you automate, manage, and grow your business.

Amazon does not endorse other third-party resources such as conferences, consulting, and online training. Use caution when engaging non-Amazon resources to avoid scams and misinformation that could lead to the suspension of your seller account.

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