Singapore cross-border brand launchpad

Grow your brand in North America with dedicated resources

Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Business Federation have collaborated with Amazon Global Selling to make your cross-border selling journey on a success.
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"Amazon Global Selling, especially the Cross-border Brand Launchpad program, was the game-changer. It helped us go from my kitchen in Singapore to the U.S. We see Amazon as a key ingredient in our global recipe for success, and with the growing U.S. love for Asian flavors, the future is looking spicy."

Riyana Rupani
Co-Founder, Everiday Foods
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Cross-border selling knowledge sharing

Account management and education resources to help you get started to find success on
Up to 18 months of account management for registration, consumer insights and recommendations, and operational support.
Access free events and webinars to help you sell in Amazon’s Global Stores.

Empowering Singapore brands to expand to North America

Our products are not mass products, hence, to capture a larger share we have to enter bigger countries such as the US and Australia.
Aloysius ChayCo-founder, HYDRAGUN: sports and recovery wellness brand from Singapore
If our humble lipscrub from Singapore can become the #1 lipscrub on, so too can your brand compete with big brands on a global scale.
Lynsey LimCo-founder, Handmade Heroes: vegan beauty brand from Singapore

About the program

The Singapore Cross-border Brand Launchpad program was launched in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Business Federation, to equip local entrepreneurs with the skills to harness the growing potential of cross-border selling. The program will help over 100 local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) launch their brands and scale globally with dedicated and tailored account management support and resources. Additionally, as part of a long-term knowledge partnership, more than 300 Singapore companies can access digital economy skills training to better launch their export businesses and reach global customers in North America and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about the Singapore cross-border brand launchpad program

Overall program

What are the types of SMEs that qualify for the launchpad program?
Amazon Global Selling welcomes all brands who hope to develop globally through Amazon stores worldwide, with a focus on and the US. For this specific program, Global Selling will offer dedicated account support to selected brands. The ideal profile in terms of readiness for international expansion to the US would be:
- A Singapore-based brand owner, producer or manufacturer who has registered its own Trademark;
- Has online sales experience
- Has resources set aside for international expansion especially in North America (including compliance, ready inventory, willingness to invest in brand building resources overseas)
- Has products that are suitable to sell on (e.g. not frozen/fresh products)
How can I register my interest as a Singapore brand?
Brands that are interested to join the program can register through this link.
As the program has limited availability slots, only qualified brands will be contacted by the Amazon Global Selling team.
How can I attend an Amazon Global Selling event to know more?
You can register for upcoming events and webinars for new sellers and existing sellers here.
Where can I direct questions in relation to the program?
Please direct questions related to the program to our Amazon Global Selling (Southeast Asia) Facebook page or the Amazon Global Selling (Southeast Asia) Facebook community group.

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