Prime Day 2024

For Amazon selling partners, Prime Day is more than just a sales boost—it’s a great way to build awareness and gain traction on new products.

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2024 on July 16 and 17!

Prime Day 2024 Bootcamp

May 2024

Live Webinar
Listing Prepration for
Prime Day Peak Seasons
16 May, 2-3pm (SGT+8)
• Listing completeness
• Listing Optimization Tips and Tricks
• Prime Day FBA cut-off date
• Live Q&A
Climbing & Summiting the
Peak with Prime Day
Advertsing Tips 📢
23 May,
• Prime Day 2024 Overview
• Key pointers to take note before and during Prime Day
• How to select ASINs for advertising
• Prime Day strategy by targeting method
• Budgeting and bidding adjustments for Prime Day
• Live Q&A

June 2024

Live Webinar
Optimize Your Peak Season Strategy: Logistics Preparation Guidance!
4 Jun, 2-3pm (SGT+8)
• Preperation schedule for peak season
• Selection prepration
• FBA inventory management
• Live Q&A
Prime Day Readiness: Elevate Your Brand's Success with Expert Preparation!
11 Jun, 2-3pm (SGT+8)
• Improve you brand positioning
• Brand Store and more listing Tips
• Live Q&A
Prime Day 2024 Success
Awaits: Register Now for
Your Essential Final Checklist!
26 Jun, 2-3pm (SGT+8)
• Eliminate potential issues before Prime Day
• Account Health Check
• How to be well-prepared for sales peak season?
• Live Q&A

Next Steps

1. Inventory
2 min read
FBA & Inventory Management FAQs
2. Listing Optimization
2 min read
Listing FAQs
3. Ads
2 min read
Advertising & Promotions FAQs
4. Key Events Preparation
10 min read
Holiday Marketing Tips with Amazon Ads

Deals to drive discovery

Shoppers love a good deal. Stack the odds in your favor with an attention-grabbing price tag.
Create a coupon
Discount a top-selling product, or offer loyal customers a package deal.
Share promo codes
Create targeted social media promotions and spread the word.
Make it exclusive
Prime Exclusive Discounts stand out in search and product pages—and they’re only for Prime members.
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