Prime Day

For Amazon selling partners, Prime Day is more than just a sales boost—it’s a great way to build awareness and gain traction on new products.

Planning for Prime Day

Watch this video to learn how to accelerate your Prime Day sales:
Download these guides to help you prepare for Prime Day:

1) Prepare for Prime Day

Pro tips for tackling the ups and downs of seasonal inventory on Prime Day, during the holidays, and other events throughout the year.
Prime Day 2022 Series 1:
Get Ready for Prime Day 2022 with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
Prime Day 2022 Series 2:
Seller's Guide to Prime Day & Best Practices to Double Your Sales this Prime
Prime Day 2022 Series 3:
Prime Day 2022 Checklist
and Merchandising Tools

2) Drive Visibility with Advertising

Get important advertising tips from our experts to help you optimise your bidding strategy and campaigns during Prime Day.
Advertising Series #6
Important Advertising Tips for Seasonal Event (Prime Day)
Advertising Series #7:
Seasonal Ad Practices: Boost sales during Seasonal Event using Sponsored Products
Advertising Series #8:
Advertising Series #9:
Budget planning for Seasonal Event and new releases
Seasonal Prime Day Prep Final check

Deals to drive discovery

Shoppers love a good deal. Stack the odds in your favor with an attention-grabbing price tag.
Create a coupon
Discount a top-selling product, or offer loyal customers a package deal.
Share promo codes
Create targeted social media promotions and spread the word.
Make it exclusive
Prime Exclusive Discounts stand out in search and product pages—and they’re only for Prime members.
Illustration of a globe with Amazon Prime boxes and an Amazon Prime van

Get ready for Prime Day around the world

With over 150 million paid Prime members globally and over 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, you can leverage this global scale to reach more customers on Prime Day.

In 2019, Prime Day surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Prime members shopped in 18 countries around the world which is double the number since the first Prime Day five years ago.

Sell through the seasons

Pro tips for tackling the ups and downs of seasonal inventory on Prime Day, during the holidays, and other events throughout the year.


Don’t stress on storage

When determining storage limits, we account for seasonal sales spikes, recent growth, and popularity of current products.

So many sales, so little time

For starters, determine if your event is just a one-day occurrence or spans an entire season. Then follow this guide, along with your own sales insights, to home in on how much to order, ship, and re-order.
One-day events
With quick turnaround events like Prime Day, send all stock by the due date, then ramp up sales with pre-event campaigns. For best results, calculate expected demand and sales goals well in advance.
Season-long celebrations
From holiday sales to football fandom, longer events give you flexibility to adapt and replenish as you go. To minimize overstock, keep an eye on inventory levels as the season starts to wind down.


Fan favorites

Your customers know best. Keep tabs on trending events and products by staying active on social media.

Leftover inventory—you’ve got options

Once you lock down your timeframe, make sure you have special offers, marketing campaigns, and off-site storage ready to go.
Amazon outlet
Outlet can help you boost sales, improve cash flow, and optimize inventory levels.
For slow-moving items, mark down products within a specific category to drive more discovery.
Negotiate a buyback with your suppliers—this helps ease any risk of buying seasonal products in bulk.
Bulk removal
Save yourself some time and avoid unexpected storage fees with a one-time removal service.

Thompson Tee wins the holidays

As small business owners, Billy Thompson and Randy Choi are always adapting. When inventory issues held back their 2017 holiday sales, the partners rebuilt their marketing strategy and increased holiday sales by 23%.
Seller Spotlight: Thompson Tee

Explore what’s in season

Amazon drives discovery of seasonal products year-round. Explore this season’s featured specialty stores to see how we’ve helped products like yours get in front of millions of Prime shoppers.
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