A Guide for Brand Owners on Amazon Singapore

Learn how you can launch, grow and protect your brand with Amazon Brand Registry.

Who is the brand owner?

Brand owners are some of the most innovative and exciting Selling Partners on Amazon. If you’re manufacturing your own products or sourcing products to sell under your own private label, you can choose to register your brand on Amazon and enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.

Doing so can unlock a number of benefits and tools for you as a Selling Partner: from advertising and insights, to protection for your intellectual property. Let’s look at how these can help you launch and grow your business.

The importance of setting your brand apart

A distinctive brand is a powerful tool when selling online. Shoppers trust, seek out and recommend brands they know and love. And when it comes to choosing between two similar products in a competitive category, your branding could make all the difference.

Amazon’s Brand Registry can help you with greater control over your brand experience for new and repeat shoppers.

Tools to differentiate your brand

You can use these brand tools to provide quality experiences, increase your brand visibility and grow your customer loyalty.


When you have a registered brand and a Professional selling plan you can create your own dedicated storefront on Amazon at no extra cost. This allows you to showcase your products with an immersive branded destination on Amazon. With drag and drop tiles and design templates, it’s surprisingly easy to design a polished presence for your brand.

A+ content

You can use A+ Content to add extra depth and dimension to the shopping experience. Want to demonstrate how a product works, or to tell your brand story? You can do this with extra detail and dimension using HD videos, rich text, imagery, banners, and other content features that are exclusively available to registered brands on Amazon.

Sponsored Brand advertising

Registering your brand also unlocks the ability to run Sponsored Brands ads that will show up on relevant Amazon shopping results. With your brand logo, a custom headline, and a selection of your products, these Sponsored Brand listings can have the double effect of increasing awareness of your brand and driving sales.

Brand analytics

Along with your brand toolkit also comes extra analytics features to help you understand what drives your customers and their buying decisions. You can regularly dive into your Brand Analytics dashboard to explore shopper demographics, understand search query performance, and identify selling and product opportunities. This can all support smarter decisions as a seller.

Why protect your brand?

While building and growing your brand, it’s also important to safeguard all that hard work you’re investing. As a brand owner, it can be difficult to know where to turn when it comes to protecting your intellectual property. Luckily, by enrolling your brand on Amazon Brand Registry, you can gain access to various tools to help you protect what matters most to your business.

Tools to protect your brand

You offer something unique as a Selling Partner, so it can be worth taking a few simple steps to protect your brand and products with these tools.

Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

This is a program for Selling Partner with a pending or registered trademark for their brand(s) where we provide you with a range of tools protect your brand(s) and grow your business. Amazon Brand Registry benefits include a number of proactive protections to help stop inaccurate listings and trademark violations. The best part: all of this comes at no extra cost as long as you’re on a Professional selling plan.

How to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry

It takes three steps to register a brand.
1. Review Amazon Brand Registry requirements
Your brand will need to have a text-based or image-based trademark application that’s either pending, or registered and active. This trademark will need to appear on your products or packaging. To enroll in Amazon Singapore’s Brand Registry, you will need a pending or registered trademark from IPOS. If you don’t have a pending or registered trademark yet, you can opt for Amazon IP Accelerator. "Amazon IP Accelerator provides access to our network of trusted IP law firms that can help you with trademark application needs. Remember, as a brand owner you can also access Amazon's Starter Pack, where you can avail special rates and offers only for Amazon Selling Partners.

See all eligibility requirements.
2. Sign into Amazon Brand Registry
The next step is to sign into Brand Registry with your existing Seller Central account, or to sign up for a Amazon Seller Central if you’re new to selling on Amazon. Brand Registry applications will need to be submitted by the trademark owner.
3. Enroll your brand
Once you’ve submitted the required information, we take steps to verify that you are the Rights Owner of the trademark. After completing the verification process, you gain access to the full suite of tools and features with Amazon Brand Registry.

Detecting and reporting violations

How does Amazon Brand Registry work to protect your brand?

Once your trademark information is verified, we automatically take proactive steps to block trademark violations. You can also report intellectual property infringements (actual or suspected) or inaccurate listings, which in turn will help to further improve automated protections. You can search our catalog to spot and report any potential trademark, copyright, patent or design right violations.

Monitoring intellectual property protection

You can keep an eye on any reports you’ve made and on all protection stats from your brand’s Impact dashboard. And if you need assistance, we have a team of real people who can help with your listings or violation reports. If there’s ever a patent dispute, we can use neutral third-party evaluators for a faster and less expensive process than a court settlement.

Check out our Brand Protection Report to see the impact of our global brand protections.

Amazon IP Accelerator

Don’t have a pending or registered trademark yet? Amazon IP Accelerator is a service we’ve designed to accelerate and simplify the trademark registration process for small and medium businesses, and brands looking to expand globally. This program can help you to access a network of trusted IP law firms at competitive rates in over 39 countries.

Enrolling through Amazon IP Accelerator can be a great option if you’re just starting out with your brand and with selling online, or if you’re expanding your brand internationally. Selling Partners have used IP Accelerator to successfully submit trademark applications locally, and to register intellectual property across borders as they establish their business in new locations.

Resources for brand owners

If you’re launching your brand on Amazon, you’ll find lots of helpful guides at Seller University for every stage of the selling journey. You can also register for our regular webinars and events, where Amazon team and star Selling Partners regularly share helpful insights. Here are some resources to help you get started in brand building.

How to register a trademark

Discover the essentials when it comes to registering your trademark, and see how you can find relevant trademark or IP offices.

How to enroll your brand

Learn how to enroll a brand with Amazon once you have your brand and trademark details ready to go.

How to set up your brand store online

Once your brand is registered, see how you can easily create the first page of your store featuring your brand name and logo.

Your brand + Amazon

To sum up, there are a lot of helpful tools you can access through Amazon to help your brand thrive online – and most are free with a Professional selling plan. Why not make the most of them and connect your brand to millions of customers?


Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about branding building and protection with Amazon.
How much does it cost to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?
There is no Amazon Brand Registry cost as long as you have the Professional selling plan. That means you can build your brand store, use A+ content and enjoy brand protection for free.

There will be fees for optional services like Sponsored Brands advertising, as well as costs associated with registering a trademark in many locations.
Can I use Brand Registry on Amazon without a trademark?
To enroll in Brand Registry you will need either a registered trademark or a pending application for your trademark. The trademark will need to be either a text-based or image-based option for your brand. You can get started with IP Accelerator to find IP offices by location, and read up on Amazon Brand Registry requirements here.
Can I sell on Amazon.sg without joining Amazon Brand Registry?
Yes, you can simply sign up and start selling at any time. However you won’t have access to the various tools to build, grow and protect your brand that Brand Registry offers.

If you create your own products or sell under your own private label, trademarking your intellectual property could help you gain relevant legal rights and protections for your long term brand strategy. And if you do decide to trademark your IP, enrolling in Brand Registry can be a great next step because you’ll be able to make the most of our tools and features for brands.
Do you need your own website to join Amazon Brand Registry?
No, you can sell exclusively on Amazon with your brand if you choose to. Lots of sellers use their storefront on Amazon as their primary landing page. That being said, Amazon’s brand features can also pair well with branding across many other channels.
Is Amazon Brand Registry international?
You can enroll into Amazon Brand Registry in various locations, however, to be eligible for brand protection programs in different countries you’ll need to have trademarks in each of those. For example if you’re starting out with a trademarked brand in Singapore and wish to expand your brand protection to North America, you would also need to hold the trademark for your brand in the United States. See more about eligibility for more details.
How long does it take to get a brand registered on Amazon.sg?
Approval times can vary based on a various factors beyond Amazon's control, including whether your trademark is already registered. If you need to file an application or have one pending with an IP office, it may take longer to get your brand registered. If you already have a trademark, it can take several weeks or longer to gain Brand Registry approval.

As soon as you’re approved, you can start accessing all those brand tools and features to launch, grow and protect your brand.

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