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cross-border e-commerce from Singapore to the US with Amazon Global Selling

Pristine Aroma

Singapore had a relatively small total market However, I wasn’t familiar with the Western market and our physical set up was still within SG. Hence, we needed an online service provider that commanded strong web traffic with a readily available base.
Edison LimPristine | Singapore seller in the US, UK, SG

Naoki Matcha

As Singaporeans we sometimes underestimate the vastness of the US. From a handful of orders to a few thousand orders a month, Fulfillment by Amazon allowed us to scale to all 50 states, with reliable 2-day shipping.
Samuel and Sing ChuenNaoki Matcha | Singapore seller in the US, UK

How does selling on Amazon work?

Selling on can be broken down into 4 main steps:

1) Creating an Amazon Seller Central account
2) Listing products for sale on Amazon
3) Fulfilling customer orders using different options such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
4) Receiving payments from your product sales on Amazon and maintaining your account health

Why Singapore brands sell on

3 Billion visits to Amazon North America including
3 Billion+
Visits to Amazon stores in North America monthly, including Amazon USA
1 Trillion dollars in e-commerce sales expected from North America
$1 Trillion+
Total e-commerce sales expected in the North American region in 2022
3.5 billion dollars in sales from third party selling partners during Prime Day 2020
3.5 Billion+
Sales recorded by third-party selling partners during Prime Day 2020

New Seller Incentives

Get started today with these incentives for new sellers:
  • Get 5% back on your first USD1,000,000 in branded sales
  • Try FBA with free* inbound shipping, storage, liquidations and returns
  • Get USD 200 credit for Sponsored Products CPC ads—bids are up to you
  • *Terms and conditions apply.

Enterprise Singapore Market Readiness Grant

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can receive an international boost with ESG’s Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) scheme to help take your business overseas via Amazon. SMEs can receive up to 70% of eligible costs, capped at S$100,000 per company per new country.
  • Overseas Promotion: Up to S$20,000
  • Overseas Business Development: Up to S$50,000
  • Overseas Setup: Up to S$30,000

What can I sell?

There is a wide range of products that you can sell on Amazon. However, depending on the product, you may be required to apply for approval to sell or be registered under a professional seller account.

If you are shipping orders through Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA), it is important to ensure that your products are compliant with our product regulations.

View the table below for the full list of product categories with and without restrictions.
Product Category
Product examples
Conditions allowed
Categories without restrictions
Amazon Device Accessories
Accessories for Amazon devices
New, Used
Amazon Kindle
Accessories for Kindle devices
Bath and shower*

See also Health & Personal Care category.

*Topicals require approval
Card decks
Sheet music
Other publications
New, Used
Business Products (B2B Selling)
Business-related products across multiple categories

Special pricing features to target business customers
New, Used
Beauty Tools & Accessories
Bags and cases
Tools for hairstyling
Tools for skincare
Camera & Photography
New, Used
Cell Phone
Cell phones
Cell phone accessories

Note: Products must be listed using the manufacturer’s Universal Product Code (UPC).
New, Used, Unlocked
Clothing & Accessories
Athletic apparel
Electronic Accessories
Audio and video
Car electronics
Cell phone
Office accessories
New, Used
Fashion Jewelry
Any kind of jewelry that does not contain precious or semi-precious gemstones, pearls, metals.
Grocery & Gourmet Food
View product category details on Seller Central.
Home & Garden
Home appliances
Pet supplies
Pool supplies
Snow removal
New, Used, Collectible
Luggage & Travel Accessories
Travel accessories
Musical Instruments
Recording equipment
New, Used, Collectible
Office Products
Office supplies
New, Used, Collectible
Outdoor gear
Outdoor sports apparel
New, Used
Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses
Eyewear frames
Software & Computer Games
Children's software
Media education
PC games
New, Used
Boating and fishing
Exercise and fitness
Game room
Hunting accessories
Licensed/fan shop
Team sports
New, Used, Collectible
Tools & Home Improvement
Appliance parts
Building materials
Hand and power tools
New, Used
Toys & Games
Action figures
Arts and crafts
Board games
Learning toys

Holiday selling requirements apply to this category.
New, Collectible
Video Games & Video Game Consoles
Console games
Game consoles
Game console accessories
New, Used, Collectible
Categories with restrictions
View restrictions on alcohol on Seller Central.
Animal-Related Products
Automotive & Powersports
New, Used, Collectible
Baby Products
Feeding products
Beauty Topicals
Bath and shower
Certified Refurbished
Kitchen appliances
Office equipment
See Amazon Renewed
Collectible Coins
Graded collectible coins minted by governments
Gold coins
Silver coins
Platinum coins
Palladium coins
USA Mint packaged product
Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care
Dietary Supplements
View restrictions on dietary supplements on Seller Central.
​​Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
View restrictions on electronics on Seller Central.
Entertainment Collectibles
Animation cels
Celebrity signed photos
Limited-edition figures and bust
Original movie posters
Explosives, Weapons, & Related Items
Fine Art
View restrictions on fine art on Seller Central.
Gambling & Lottery
Grocery & Gourmet Food
Handmade products
Hand-altered products
See Amazon Handmade
Hazardous & Dangerous Items
Health & Personal Care
Dietary supplements
First aid
Feminine hygiene
Historical & Advertising Collectibles
Promotional materials related to consumer brands.

Vintage collectables related to historical people, places, or events.
Human Parts & Burial Artifacts
Industrial & Scientific
Electronic components
Industrial materials
Lab equipment and supplies
Power transmission
Jewelry & Precious Gems
Pet Products
8% for products with a total sales price of S$20 or less, and 10% for items with a total sales price greater than S$20.
S$0.43 (w/GST), S$0.40 (w/o GST)
Laser Products
View restrictions on laser products on Seller Central.
View restrictions on lighting products on Seller Central.
Lock Picking & Theft Devices
Medical Devices & Accessories
Drugs that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be sold over the counter.

View restrictions on drugs and drug paraphernalia on Seller Central.
Other sound recordings
New, Used, Collectible
Offensive & Controversial Materials
Organic Products
View restrictions on organic products on Seller Central.
View restrictions on pesticides on Seller Central.
Pet Food
Plants, Plant Products, & Seeds
Postage Meters & Stamps
Sex & Sensuality
Sports Collectibles
Autographed items
Game-used items
Trading cards
Subscriptions & Periodicals
Surveillance Equipment
Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products
Video, DVD & Blu-Ray
New, Used, Collectible
All types of watches
Warranties, Services Plans, Contracts & Guarantees


Amazon offers flexible options for sellers to cater to your unique business needs and goals. Factors that determine the fees involved include the selling plan you opt for, product category and fulfilment strategy amongst other variables.
Selling Plan
The Individual plan costs $0.99 per unit sold while the Professional plan costs a flat monthly fee of $39.99, regardless of the quantity sold.
Referral Fees
For each unit sold, Amazon imposes a referral fee. The amount is based on the product category and most fees fall between 8% to 15%.
Fulfilment Fees
Order fulfilment fees will depend on whether you opt to fulfil your own orders (i.e., Fulfilment by Merchant) or use FBA.
Other Costs
Other costs that you may incur include storage fees and other optional features such as advertising and order fulfilment services.
*Fees are accurate as of 13 April 2022

Why Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an order fulfillment service that empowers businesses to scale by providing access to Amazon’s logistics network to all 50 states in the US. Store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and we will pick, pack and ship them as orders are made. We also handle customer service and returns to help ease the operational burdens for cross-border e-commerce.
Benefits of FBA

Attract more customers with Amazon Prime free* shipping

FBA products are eligible for free* two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members and free* shipping for all US customers. The Prime logo is displayed on selected FBA listings so customers know that Amazon manages the order fulfillment, allowing you to attract more customers.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Customers enjoy Amazon’s reliable customer service

With FBA, you can tap on Amazon’s globally extensive customer service network to manage customer enquiries. We also handle the refunds and returns for your FBA orders, so you can focus on your brand and product development. Leave the operational concerns to us.

Cost-effective fulfillment services

You are only charged for the orders fulfilled by us. The cost of shipping is included in your fees, with no extra charge for Amazon Prime free* shipping on eligible orders. Use the FBA revenue calculator to see real-time cost comparisons between your fulfillment and FBA.
*Terms and conditions apply.


Registration Process

To help you successfully complete the account registration process, we have created a North America Registration Guide.

Account Reactivation

Once the account registration is completed, you find out your account has been deactivated when you enter Seller Central. Amazon may suspend sellers Accounts to request for more information in order to maintain a trustworthy store for buyers and sellers. You can check the "Performance Notification" for detailed reasons, prepare the required corresponding materials to file an appeal, and reactivate your account.


About Amazon Global Selling

Why start with
Here are just a couple of reasons: the opportunity to put your product in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers, plus the ability to start selling fast before you even set up a business website or physical store. What are you waiting for? You can sign up as a seller to sell on here
How can I start selling and become an Amazon Seller?
To find out more about how to become an Amazon seller, you can click here
What is the market size if I were to sell on has hundreds of millions of Amazon customers who can search for your products everyday. With one unified selling account across North America, you can also expand to sell in Canada and Mexico.


Is my product eligible to be sold on
More than 20 categories are open for selling on Amazon; products in these categories can be listed without specific permissions from Amazon. You can visit this link to find out more about product categories available on here.
Do my products need approval for listing on
Prior approval may be required to list certain products in certain categories. Check out the list of products that may require prior approval here.
How to register a brand or trademark on Amazon?
Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry unlocks a suite of tools designed to help you build and protect your brand, creating a better experience for customers. You can find out more here:

Pricing and Fees

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon Global Selling?
The associated fees to sell on would include selling plan subscription fees, category referral fees and fulfillment fees.
  • Referral fees vary across categories. Learn more about Selling on pricing here
  • If you choose to list your products with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products, the associated fees would also include storage fees and Fulfillment Fees. Learn more about FBA pricing on here
  • Promotional offers:
    The Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) New Selection program offers benefits on storage, liquidation and new branded products to help you accelerate early sales. Once you enrol in the program, you can use these benefits for an unlimited number of new parent ASINs each year.
  • By participating in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) New Selection, you might qualify for free* monthly storage, free* liquidations of unproductive inventory, and free* return processing for all eligible new-to-FBA parent ASINs for a limited time. For brand registered sellers you may qualify to receive a monthly rebate of 5% on your sales of eligible branded new-to-FBA parent ASINs.
  • *Terms and conditions apply.
Will there be any tax imposed on my products?
Yes. The seller is responsible for export Customs Fees (if any) and the buyer is responsible for any import Customs Fees related to their purchase. Customs Fees paid by any party (if any) are in addition to the sales proceeds collected by Amazon. For more additional information about shipping products internationally, see Important information for international sellers, or consult a tax expert via Amazon's Service Provider Network.
How and when will I be paid?
When your seller account is settled and you have a positive balance, Amazon sends the money to your bank account using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or electronic funds transfer. It can take up to five business days for the money to appear in your bank account after Amazon initiates a payment.

Before we can pay you, you must provide a valid bank account as the Deposit Method in your seller account settings. We cannot make payments to a credit card or online payment system, such as PayPal.
Which currency will I be paid in?
Once your bank account is registered, all payments will be automatically made to that account in the local currency of the bank location country using Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers.

Account Registration

What documents are required to register an selling account?
Refer to the registration guide for more details.
What’s the difference between an individual and professional seller account? Which one should I choose?
The Individual plan costs $0.99 USD per sale, while sellers using the Professional plan pay $39.99 USD per month, no matter how many items you sell. If you sell more than 40 items a month, the Professional option makes a lot of sense. Whichever plan you select, don’t worry about making the wrong choice — you can change plans at any time. Professional selling plans also provide you with more tools such as advertising and promotional coupons which could be helpful for new brands starting out on
I have registered from Amazon and they are requiring me to put credit card details at the billing stage. Will I be charged after proceeding with this?
You will be billed only when you have completed the registration process and all Seller documentation has been approved.

Amazon Prime and FBA

Why should I be Prime eligible?
If you’re using Amazon’s FBA program, and you have enough inventory to spread around through its fulfillment network, then your product will qualify for Amazon Prime. Selling Prime is key to being successful on Amazon as it means your products will be shipped to customers within 2 days to all 50 states in the US. Plus, you get the “Amazon Prime” badge on your listing, which means you’ll have a better chance of selling your product. Customers love fast shipping.
If we use FBA, what courier service do we use to send our stock to your warehouse in the US?
You can visit this page for a list of service providers
How much does FBA cost?
With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you only pay for the services you use. There are no subscription fees, contracts or minimum inventory requirements. Ship your products to our fulfillment centres and pay for fulfillment services and storage space used. See how to determine the product size tier for your items here
How can I get account support during the sign up process?
You can drop us a message on our Amazon Global Selling South Eastasia Faceook page.
Also, you can check out free Seller University resources here.

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